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Ted and Ol' Nic Slonimsky JeffStocksMusic 1,086 1
by LeonWhite
Van Eps harmonic mechanisms (again!) Fabius 1,888 2
by Fabius
Lydian? guitarnerd24 988 0
by guitarnerd24
"Another You" harmonizations andybrown 1,048 1
by TLerch
I-vi-ii-V Fabius 2,978 9
by josep
iii7-VI7-ii7-V7, Root in the Bass - From Ted PaulV 1,380 2
by Zorshelter
Advice for playing with singer? ClaytonL 1,571 5
by DanSawyer
IV - bVII7 - I
1 2
jdykerman 4,758 26
by masterH
Minor Astronomy JeffStocksMusic 2,028 9
by DanSawyer
Chord Construction (Formulas) and Symbols PaulV 1,704 0
by PaulV
walking bass lines msusano 2,160 8
by NickStasinos
Harmonic Application barbarafranklin 1,839 2
by barbarafranklin
m7b5 for Paul V. barbarafranklin 2,035 1
by PaulV
Reharmonization help Dan52Tele 2,431 2
by Chordwayze
Blues tonality and "blue notes" erikgran 4,365 1
by barbarafranklin
Neopolitan 6th, German 6th, Italian 6th Wckoek 3,889 4
by bishopdm
3/7 voicings Wckoek 1,874 1
by Bob
Back to Basics ChemicalChords 2,403 11
by PaulV
harmonics orange1973 1,892 5
by MarkThornbury
Nomenclature Issue.
1 2
El_Nick 2,715 15
by LeonWhite
Classical pieces that transfer to guitar nicely Greg 2,145 7
by barbarafranklin
6/9 chords Jordan 3,361 6
by DanSawyer
Pedals PaulV 2,431 1
by barbarafranklin
some "Bachian" Gems from Ted barbarafranklin 2,447 3
by DanSawyer
17th Chords YoungBlood 2,229 1
by keithfre
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