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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
voice systems
1 2 3
ghandi 10,301 32
by James
Fingerings for V-System chords James 1,766 4
by James
Where to begin?
1 2
rgorke 3,504 18
by James
Ted's "Embellishment and Substitution" page
1 2
PaulV 2,541 19
by tresero
Blues study page, reformatted spinality 1,783 8
by spinality
Ted GIT vid (Oliver Nelson chord)
1 2
trainwreck_joe 3,385 22
by klasaine
Ed Bickert transcription earsoup 2,016 1
by DanSawyer
what was Ted's lowest string tuned to?
1 2
dzvayehi 4,114 18
by NickStasinos
Whatever happened to Modern Chord Progessions Volume 2, 3, etc.? Harmoniast 2,865 5
by DanSawyer
II-V-I Article thedeathmetalleopard 1,427 2
by tspottage
Question about MCP I vi ii V section GregB 1,459 3
by GregB
What modes correspond with the minor chords in a harmonized natural minor scale? (What to play over them?) ren 1,378 2
by DaveAnno
Ear Training thedeathmetalleopard 1,441 0
by thedeathmetalleopard
American and European minor harmony Wckoek 2,920 5
by PaulV
whole tone harmony guitarnerd24 2,239 2
by PaulV
Voice Switching
1 2 3
PaulV 4,890 34
by earsoup
Guitar grid/fret software kontiki 4,643 13
by PaulV
Stuck trying to harmonize II V line... stevie82 1,404 12
by bishopdm
Formula Help... PaulV 2,924 12
by bishopdm
Messiaen modes & Nelson Veras Mim 2,258 0
by Mim
Jazz Textures Mentions Teds Videos midivox 1,982 5
by jseaberry
Considering buying Chord Chemistry. jan 1,978 6
by Aialcute
schoenbergs theory of harmony
1 2
gaz638 8,640 26
by James
Ted Inspired - Cherokee comping V.2 Chromatic kontiki 1,132 0
by kontiki
All the Scales bishopdm 1,222 0
by bishopdm
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