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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Can you help me analyse some of Teds Baroque playing? Jarrelles 100 6
by kontiki
Ted's V-System: The 43 Four-Note Qualities PaulV 67 0
by PaulV
Delayed resolution examples or lessons? tahoebrian5 144 7
by tahoebrian5
The 7 Levels of Jazz Harmony PaulV 173 6
by DT
Baroque harmony on a fundamental level…. D 151 1
by PaulV
Ted's Diminished Chord Harmony Lesson Sheet JeffStocksMusic 2,191 9
by PaulV
Ted Green Autumn leaves question in Dm (Begginer) Tass 126 5
by RobertS
Ted's "Horror" Chords leftygtr 2,904 10
by LeonWhite
Thanksgiving Chorale comments
1 2
kontiki 3,143 27
by tedandbarbaraare1
Some harmony stuff that has been on my mind Larsen 192 6
by tedandbarbaraare1
Name That Chord Progression
1 2 3 4 5 6  ... Last Page
PaulV 22,078 238
by TLerch
Modulation , examples and teds 1 note method tahoebrian5 217 6
by tahoebrian5
Jacob Collier --> Danny Boy --> interesting ! RobertS 402 7
by Sammo
Need some help with some chords from Ted Larsen 180 3
by LeonWhite
A notice by Ted in "Modern Chord Progressions" Larsen 281 2
by PaulV
In the V-System, why did Ted favor certain Chronological Voice Formulas? James 272 3
by tresero
I IV V Blues...what key? mdavery 184 6
by LeonWhite
Exploring Strict Harmony with Ted Greene's V-System and Relative Chord Notation GarethRixton 1,309 4
by GarethRixton
Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin
1 2
Wckoek 6,122 25
by LeonWhite
blues progressions with walking bass line benzi 276 1
by PaulV
8-Note Dominant Scale vs. Altered Dominant Scale PaulV 333 7
by tresero
Style help... Thomas_james 199 2
by Thomas_james
Going up/down a scale on one chord
1 2
kontiki 2,460 15
by PaulV
Bach Chorale #3...Key Signature?? wolflen 270 3
by James
Interval question Asaf 172 3
by DanSawyer
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