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Hello to the gentle world of Ted Greene's admirers.
The continued and enduring usefulness of the one key missing primer to Single-Note Soloing vol. 1 found its way in my hands last weekend after a hiatus of some 25 yrs.
Our town of Lancaster PA is blessed by the music therapy studio of one Julie Jordan. Her name might not be so familiar although I suspect her dad's name is, Stanley.
Julie recently assigned Dan Greenblatt's wonderful new book entitled THE BLUES SCALES as a great way to reacquaint ourselves with the living world of St. John and Our Love Supreme: Jazz.

Handouts that were included looked mysteriously familiar to me from back in the day. The arpeggios Julie assigned were by none other than Mr. Leon White, from his Blues section. Leon titles his Blues scales as simply Blues, whereas Greenblatt titles the latter lines Minor Blues. You can merely flat the third in Leon's pentatonic major to achieve the same Major Blues scale in Greenblatt.
Greenblatt follows Bird by advocating a two scale system to his blues theory although he completely stays in relative minor. All in all a cool book with lots of pictures.

Sometime ago I acquired a pristine copy of STYLES from Warner Bros. This is a so-called authorized copy which may be disseminated under Section 106 Fair Use of the (c) act. However I am not very Internet savvy and I do not know how to upload PDF files in a website. I found that a lot of people on this site are looking for Leon's book. If you contact me via my screen name with the usual suffix as at dot AOL, I will see that we hook you up with one.
Allah Supreme,

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Thank you for the post.  I'd prefer that you not distribute my material via PDF please.  Alfred is the most recent publisher and the book was in print until about 12 months ago.  I am acquiring the book copyright, and will begin making it available again - especially to those patient souls who asked via this forum and have been waiting.


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I bought my copy from Amazon a few months back for £4.99 - well worth every penny! Fantastic book Mr White! Plus you can't beat a real printed copy when it comes to textbooks - PDF just doesn't cut it!!

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Dear Mr. White, Thank you for reading my post. Your book Styles for the Studio was the start of a very beautiful journey for me nearly 30 years ago when I acquired it way back in the fall of 1985, out of Dale Zdenek press, then just a 17 year old kid.

No worries about the PDF distribution, however. I wouldn't know how to do that in any event, even if I wanted.

My comment above was in regards a nice little arp book going around these days out of Sher Music written by Dan Greenblatt and featuring Dave McNabb on guitar. Unfortunately as most of the woodsheds from Sher go, there are no "guitarist grids" ala one Mr. Leon White. I feel, along with Julie Jordan and her dad, and apparently even Jamey Aebersold that kids today start trying to play out long before they even have the basic building blocks of the blues. Styles for the Studio was major for me in that regard.

Recently I have only started to rediscover just how joyous it was to play out of this book along with one Mr. Ted Greene Debussy himself, for whom these posts are dedicated of course.

During the downtime when you are acquiring the (c) rights I would respectfully request that if one of the kids write me off this thread, I'd like to have our studio prepare Styles for the Studio in photocopy free of charge to be sent via reg. US mail., as did Warner Bros back in the late 1990's. This would only be a stopgap until you get styles out for publication again and only if you would agree. Certainly it is your art and your rights and interests are paramount.

Thanks again for writing back.

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it will only be a few weeks until things are complete.  Please don't distribute any photocopies or pdfs.  I want to respect the good folks at Alfred who are continuing to make Ted's books available.


I'm closing this thread as we need to get back to Ted.  This is his site.

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