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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Ted's Single-Note Solo on "It Could Happen to You" PaulV 3,042 4
by PaulV
Looking for very simple musical diatonic triad studies Ragabhava 408 9
by Ragabhava
Great Guitar Solos
1 2
Deparko 5,570 17
by Deparko
Miles Davis "Tune Up" by Jeffrey Thomas jtlessons 444 2
by jtlessons
Guide Tone Line benzi 607 2
by benzi
More on STYLES FOR STUDIO Geetar1870 1,073 4
by Geetar1870
single note soloing benzi 1,214 4
by benzi
Joe Diorio's "Intervallic Designs" thedeathmetalleopard 4,622 7
by thedeathmetalleopard
Exercise and guide for phrasing, rhythic variation on Improv Wckoek 4,840 5
by Wckoek
"Hearing" the minor sounds? Rivendell 1,450 2
by Rivendell
Fingerstyle Sweep sabukudragon 2,025 8
by sabukudragon
octave displacment benzi 2,252 3
by benzi
Help with Diminished Scale vikarama 3,969 4
by vikarama
I need transcriptions on pentagram nema79 2,071 1
by nema79
Check the tuning… (D. Axelrod on 12-string) DanSawyer 1,895 4
by DanSawyer
Employing and superimposing diminish and augmented triads in single note lines. Wckoek 2,569 1
by Wckoek
Shred With Ted Bob 5,971 9
Opening Pandora's Box of Modes
1 2 3 4
10,485 50
Stuck in a rut! thedeathmetalleopard 3,266 13
by thedeathmetalleopard
munsters theme shawnjulie 1,882 2
by shawnjulie
using single note soloing
1 2
skotrock 11,232 28
by skotrock
anyone know how to track down single note soloing volume 2?
1 2 3 4 5 6
marty 17,168 77
by marty
Some confusion on Teds A.F sheet saten10 2,222 3
by saten10
Ted's 3 SNS for "Red River Valley" PaulV 2,169 1
by PaulV
Single note with fingers ClaytonL 2,960 8
by ClaytonL
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