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Okay, so I've done some research on the forum here and online.  It looks like Ted liked the Peavey Bandit, but there are several different versions, my guess is that he used the oldest version but if someone that knows for sure could post a link of the correct Bandit that would be great.

Also, did Ted have a favorite 12" speaker or did he just use whatever the amp came with?  I also believe that the Renown AND the PV special 130 had parametric mid eq's correct?  I can see why Ted (and others) would like to use an amp that has a parametric mid since that's one of the most important knobs in regards to how good or bad an amp can sound.  Not to say that the other knobs aren't important but you get my drift.

Did Ted use any effects other than the onboard reverb of the amps he used?  For instance, did Ted use his line 6 pod in the loop?  From the videos I've seen/heard, it sounds like he's only using reverb.

Anyone know if Ted had a chance to play/hear a Fender cyber amp?  I've played the deluxe version and it sounded pretty darn nice although I think I ended up buying a Bogner Alchemist that was in the same store and I did a side by side comparison.  The clean tone on the Alchemist was just crazy good!!!

I could definitely see using 2 smaller solid state amps with a Yamaha magicstomp (has outstanding chorus tones and is Allan Holdsworth's main tone machine) for a really nice stereo spread.

Anyways, I know I asked a lot of questions so thanks for any and all info...


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