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This is just a question that go's through my mind regularly when i read MCP.

Ted talked in places of volumes to come but we ended up with the first book and there were never any more after that.

Does anyone know the reason for that? Was it publishing problems? Was it Ted got so busy teaching he didn't have the time?

It's just always a question i've thought about often.

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Ted accomplished so much!  He also had plans to accomplish even more that didn't get fulfilled.  As you say, when he wrote MCP, he had plans for a second volume.  Notice also, in his second volume of Single Note Soloing, he laments that there's not more space to include more soloing topics he had planned.  He certainly planned to write a book about his V-System.  I've done my best to impart a lot his V-System ideas right here on this site ( and it's possible that MCP 2, if he had written it, might have had a V-System orientation.  He also had plans for a dozen or so more books!  His personal notes contain ideas for books about his special key signatures, special guitar tunings, and more.  Alas, he died before he could create and release all these things.  But!  The good news is there is a ton of material that he did create - including loads of lesson sheets - that have been and continue to be released on this web site.  And most of us agree that we owe him an enormous thank you for all that he did create and share.

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Thanks James. Yes there's more than enough material available to keep me happy for several lifetimes, that's for sure. [smile]

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Ted told me he became worn out with the business side of things in general - not just publishing.  It seemed far away from what he loved at that time, so he took a break. His revisions and edits were draining.  He thrashed on one guitar article for several YEARS.  I think he spoke of returning, as James describes above, but he never really pushed that side of things, sadly.  At the same time, and putting ourselves aside for a moment, his choices made him happy, so that was good.


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Hi Leon.

Yeah i can totally understand that alright. MCP is so detailed so many different progressions and ideas that even doing the one book must have been incredibly draining and time consuming.

Incidentally funny how things revolve around: i recently started getting into bossa nova music and was listening to Jobim and Gilberto. So i then started looking at Brazilian guitar and saw a book by Nelson Faria a Brazilian guitarist. So i bought it to study the rhythms.

What did i discover? That Nelson studied with Ted for a time!!

It's a small world and Ted influenced and touched so many in it.
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