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@Peter, nice reply.  I just wanted to add that Ted did have a couple of pieces of wood, just the cheapest and worst guitars imaginable and he sounded wonderful.

@Kontiki, I don't know if anyone has a recording of this performance.  Ted was invited by Fender to play at the Guild booth.  They were really trying to get their archtops, electrics, and Jazz guitars started.

Again, for people that know Ted this is not new, but he was greatly concerned about the price of archtop guitars.  He really wished that someone would build a nice archtop that his students and young people could afford.  He really liked the DeArmound (Guild/Fender).  He had 3 or 4 of them, as I recall.  He played them often and let students use them.  How involved with Fender on this design or future designs of inexpensive archtops, I don't know.  He seemed a little upset/frustrated about it during one of our conversations and I didn't really press him on what happened.  Others may know more details.  Ted owned and played many of the great American luthier built archtops, but, yes - for the price -he thought highly of the x-155. 


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   Thanks for the invaluable info. Barbara does talk about this in her book, but it's great to get another perspective! Were there certian years of the x-155 to look out for?

Maybe somebody can contact fender or guild and ask them if they have a copy of that NAMM performance

Dmolished = Egads

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When Ted played at the Fender/Guild booth during the NAMM show, he played for about 3 hours straight (no break). I don't know if anyone recorded it, but it would be very difficult to get any kind of clean sound because of the huge amount of ambient noise in the trade show. This wasn't a concert. TG was just sitting there as people walked by. There was a crowd listening but others nearby were trying out amps or playing metal licks, drums, saxophones etc.

Someone asked about what strings TG used for tuning down on the Tele. Somewhere here I posted photos of the TG Custom Strings as sold by Zdenak. The one called Deep Tele is for tuning down a half or whole step. Mark Thornberry posted Ted's gauges for tuning down a step and a half.

Dan Sawyer, friend of Ted's.

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Here's the link to that page!

Go half way down the page to the fuchsia color ad!  Lots of string gauges mentioned on this page. 

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