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Posts: 175
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Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.
How about we hear your interpretation.

ken lasaine

Posts: 66
Reply with quote  #17 
I for one really liked your tone. A bit of bright controlled clarity is a good thing. I think the usual so called 'jazz guitar' sound with all the treble rolled off is dull and annoying, and actually a bit of a cop out in that it covers up sloppy sound production. No one likes 'ice pick' but to set up your instrument and caress it in such a way as to get that bold but clear shimmer is generally the way to go I think.
And re rhythm, I found it refreshing to hear the damn thing played with a groove...the very thing too many of these sort of YouTube offerings sadly lack.
So keep bothering mate!

Posts: 86
Reply with quote  #18 
Totally agree !
Nothing but music.

Posts: 34
Reply with quote  #19 
Bossa Guy,

Ken's rendition of this tune is pretty excellent, at a tempo that is quite jumpy and grooved - not easy with the given arrangement - with wonderful fills and chord movements.  He's putting himself out there and as players we should enjoy our mutual love for the instrument and for all things Ted.

So let's get a couple of renditions up here and have fun - if nothing else.  Here is mine - rough and slower as I have only become familiar with the arrangement this past 48 hours.  But I think it does demonstrate what I have been attempting to convey in my earlier posts regarding what "entrance technique" might actually be referring to.  I think it is a run versus an arpeggio, without voices ringing over each other - period.

In another week or so I anticipate this will be cleaner and a tempo.  I look forward to hearing your version as your time permits.

For now, everyone stay healthy and safe.

KEN - indeed keep bothering to post.  I and I am sure many others enjoy your playing.

best regards - Mickey


Posts: 175
Reply with quote  #20 
Big Mickey quote ... "I think it is a run versus an arpeggio, without voices ringing over each other - period."
Yep, me too. Even though we approach the tune differently and at a different tempo, we negotiate that V chord the same way. 
That was my point in actually playing the song. A lot of things get revealed and a lot of questions get answered when you just sit down (or stand up in your case Mickey [wink]) and go work on the tune. That's what Ted would tell you to do - "practice it, see what it wants to do".

ken lasaine

Posts: 333
Reply with quote  #21 
When I said, "left foot exit technique," I was joking but I certainly did not intend to offend anyone.  I honestly don't know what Ted meant by "right hand entrance technique."  It's good for us to discuss the issue and try to figure it out.

In these times of fear we need to be extra kind to each other.  We are here because of gratitude to Ted and ongoing appreciation of his teaching.  Each of us may take it in a different direction and that is a good thing.

So please be kind and please don't be hurt.  Music can help us, my friends.

Posts: 175
Reply with quote  #22 
God how I wish stuff like this really happened ...

ken lasaine

Posts: 1,766
Reply with quote  #23 
This is a friendly site.
No dissing others, or insults, or disrespect, or negative commentary and nonconstructive criticism (even if given "politely").
Anything that goes down that road will be removed.[nono]
Sorry guys, but we don't need remarks like that here, especially in the crazy tense situation of today.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion of music, and if you don't care for someone else's music....kindly remain silent.
I applaud anyone who records their playing and shares it with others.
Love one another as we are! [smile]
Thank you!

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