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TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN TED'S 60TH BIRTHDAY. We shared many birthdays together. On Ted's 50th we spent the day walking around downtown L.A. marveling at the lifestyle & the buildings, not to mention the pawn shops where Ted "rescued" a red 80's Squire strat "who was in need of a home" along with a little tan K65 80s Dean Markley amp because the strat sounded "just marvelous through that amp".

On my 50th we hired a string sextet ( 2 violins, 2 viola, 2 celli) for a "private" all Bach concert in our living room. Especially wonderful was the 6 voice Ricercar from The Musical Offering. An exquisite experience.

For Ted's 60th we were going to hire the same for an all Gershwin/Debussy concert.
Alas that is not to be.

We had so many fun & loving days together. I remember all this and more and feel so blessed.

Barbara Franklin

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Happy Birthday Ted- I wish I could've met you, though I feel like I have through your music and teachings. Thanks for the sounds and the inspiration!

Posts: 28
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Hope that, although this can't be an easy time for you Barbara, you can keep focused on all the many special moments you must have spent together.....and smile!

Also, many, many people obviously deeply value Ted's life and his reach was far and positive - that must be a warming thought!

Happy B'day Ted..........


Posts: 145
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George Gershwin (September 26, 1898July 11, 1937)

Glen Gould (September 25,1932-October 4,1982)


Ted once told me that many of the important people in his life were born around his birthday. I wonder if these men were part of that group.

Happy 60th Ted, save me a seat next to Van Eps. I got a lot of questions. 

Bob Holt

Posts: 209
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HB Ted, and Nestle.  I'm going to eat a piece of their cake.


Posts: 4
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Wow !! I am new to the group and feel blessed to share the same birthdate as Ted. I never knew that. I grew up in North Carolina and didn't move to Sherman Oaks until 2000. I spent many hours with Ted's books back about 10 years ago. When I got to LA I decided to concentrate on my classical guitar studies, I really wish now that I could have spent some time studying with Ted instead. I think spending just an hour in the same room with someone of that kind of genius would make someone an infinately better guitarist. The funny thing is, I spend more time with his books now than I ever did. I just hope that I can have a tenth of the positive effect on just one person's life, that he had with thousands. Thanks for the site, its great to still be learning from Ted. I was wondering if Ted was buried around the LA area. I would love to go and pay my respects to him in person. If that is possible could you tell me where? Thanks Again.. Carl


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I'll try to be extra nice to someone today for Ted.


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I am new to the forum as well.  I've come to Ted's music almost by accident.  At 49 years of age, I'm trying to become more of a guitarist, and my search led me to Mr. Greene and his books.  I am so appreciative of all of his friends and students here who have allowed us to experience at least some of the magic that Mr. Greene left them.  If a man is measured by the influence he leaves behind, you are the evidence of a life well lived.  Thank you so much for sharing, I so appreciate it.




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What an honor it would have been to be able to wish Ted--that beautiful musical soul loved by all who knew and studied with him--a Happy Sixtieth Birthday!!! I am so sad at the thought of his passing, but many thanks and kudos to all the wonderful people involved with preserving Ted's legacy. With all the love coming from this site, it's easy to see that Ted is most definitely still with us. And thank God for that!

I had the pleasure and honor of studying with Ted Greene in the mid 80's. I started lessons with him at his apartment in the west valley (Woodland Hills, I think) and continued on for a year or so longer after he moved to Encino. Ted was a gentleman and a real guy, too. His love of music was so profound that it permeated you as soon as you entered his space, and the Adrenalin rush of your one-hour lesson stayed with you all week. I was in awe of him every time he touched a guitar. He would blow your mind with some gorgeous comping, then pick up another one of his deep, rich-sounding Telecasters, this one with a new experimental tuning on it, and play some outrageous new harmonization of Gershwin. I was in college studying composition at the time, and like most young people, I didn't fully understand the impact of Ted's genius on me or the fact that one day I would be counted among the lucky few that actually got to spend time with him. That kind of clear vision comes with years. But today, at 46, I can say unequivocally that I would give anything to be sitting at his side again for just one more lesson, gleaning pearls of wisdom from that great incarnation of guitar. And as for his influence on me musically, his teaching and spirit imbue everything I write, perform and produce.

Thank you, Ted! Happy Birthday, belated though it may be... and God bless you where ever you are, no doubt wowing the angels with one of those mind-boggling seven-fret chords!

Ivor Francis
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