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Hi guys,

I wanted to alert you all to something that will be of interest to many of you.

Most of you all are familiar with guitarist Tim Lerch.  He studied with Ted, and is an extraordinary player and teacher.  Tim has made hundreds of very instructive YouTube videos demonstrating a variety of subjects, from solo guitar playing, to single-line soloing, guitar and related equipment reviews, guitar set-up, tuning, strings, pickups, blues, rockabilly, plus tons of performances.  When it comes to discussions about Ted Greene, Tim’s name often comes up as one who exemplifies a lot of the tone, textures, techniques, feel, and beauty that Ted expressed.

Recently Tim revised his website, which now includes a new “True Fire” course on “Solo Jazz Pathways: Chordal Improv.”  This will be of great interest to anyone playing or aspiring to play solo guitar, especially those wanting to add an element of improvisation to it.  Highly recommended! 

Check it out here:

Be sure to watch the promo video to get an idea about the course. 

Over the years Tim has done many videos demonstrating some of Ted’s arrangements, comping pages, chord studies, and the like.  Some of these were made by our special request, designed specifically for the website.  We really appreciate all that Tim has done to help bring life and clarity for interpreting some of the pages Ted left for us all. 

Tim recently added to his YouTube channel a playlist of all of his Ted Greene related videos – so you can now find them all in one place.  It’s titled, “Tim Lerch - Ted Greene Lessons,” and there’s 20 at this time.  If you haven’t subscribed to his channel, you might want to do so.

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