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Hi, thank you Tim for your thoughts and advice - I really appreciate it.

I decided to put my PAF like Pickup in my Epiphone ES 335 and ordered some Lollar CC as I saw that they are available for HB-housing now and the B.S for the bridge. In addition I shielded the guitar for at least some hum canceling. The Bridge height is about 1/8 from the the strings to balance the output and the neck is kind of low but still sounds delicious. 

Next project will be swapping speakers in the Peavey Bandit Red Stripe for a Jensen C12K. And maybe some day I will find a good deal for an old princeton/reverbrocket or even a used Carr/Headstrong amp. Someday I will match the sound in my head. 

Have a nice week guys.

Posts: 453
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What we're all looking for I sometimes think, is a clean and balanced BLEND control that is NOT a volume control.  That could make the mixing a lot easier.  I build them into my semi hollow bodies, but no room on teles, unless someone has a 3 layer stacked set of controls. [smile]

The best telecaster I ever heard was a stock 1950-53 of Teds with the stock fender blend.  You could get so many sounds out of it, including a real pedal steel sound, it was gorgeous.  William Perry and I  experimented with it one evening.  Of course it had ted's railroad tie strings, tuned up to pitch, which helped, and it was set up to perfection. (I think the strings were 24,35,46,56,67,77  [smile]  Just kidding. that 24 was really a wound 22).

I agree with Tim on the lower output bridge, if you're not playing Def Lepard.  No sound like it.
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