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Hi guys,

Attached is a compilation of Ted's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" arrangement with the Debussy piano score.


This tune was originally composed in Gb for piano.  Ted first worked up an arrangement in the original key.  (See Ted playing it on 3/4/89 in the “Joey Backenstoe Wedding” DVD – it’s the first piece he plays for the entrance music, with lots of enhancements, harmonics, repetitions, etc.  It’s a very beautiful version.  It doesn’t correspond exactly to the score or to his written arrangement.  Listen to it to get a flavor of the piece.) 


Later Ted transposed it down a step to E for the guitar.  On 9/7/97 he started committing the arrangement to paper using his chord grid boxes.  He completed up to bar 14, then continued again on 2/13/99 and went as far as bar 25.  Apparently he didn’t finish writing it out.


For this “compilation” version I generated a piano score in the key of E and combined it with Ted’s chord grid boxes.  The chord names below the grids correspond to what Ted wrote on his piano score analysis pages (transposed, of course, for the key of E).  I attached both his original arrangement pages and the analysis score...even though they are posted elsewhere in these Forums and in the Lessons/Tunes sections of this website.
There are more comments about specific passages on page 6 of the compilation.

Ted stopped his arrangement at the beginning of bar 26. This left basically 11 unaccounted-for measures.  In order to complete the arrangement, I wrote up what I believe Ted would have done, based on the piano score and Ted’s treatment of the previous bars.  A lot of those remaining 11 bars are repeated sections from bars 1, 2 and 14, in which I was able to repeat the same grid boxes.  I watched the “Backenstoe Wedding” video and noticed how Ted played those end bars.  I believe my diagrams are fairly accurate and faithful to his arrangement.  If anyone has other suggestions of voicings or fingerings, I would love to see them posted on the Forums. 


This is a beautiful piece, and not too difficult to execute.  I think you'll enjoy playing it, and I hope these pages makes it easier to learn.



Attached Images
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.1.JPG (757.53 KB, 120 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.2.JPG (756.68 KB, 58 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.3.JPG (609.17 KB, 55 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.4.JPG (712.10 KB, 60 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.5.JPG (637.52 KB, 49 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arr.,_grids_with_notation,_p.6.JPG (606.07 KB, 65 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arrangement,_p.1,_1997-09-07.jpg (603.40 KB, 59 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_Ted_Greene_Arrangement,_p.2,_1997-09-07.jpg (216.50 KB, 48 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_with_Ted_Greene_Analysis,_p.1.jpg (549.45 KB, 73 views)
jpeg Girl_with_the_Flaxen_Hair,_with_Ted_Greene_Analysis,_p.2.jpg (546.53 KB, 56 views)



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Hi Paul,

This piano version of "Girl w/t Flaxen Hair" is not Ted's, it's mine, with my notations for playing on piano & my chord names. Most likely Ted agreed or he would have changed the names.

I don't know what music Ted originally used to transcribe the piece.

Just thought you should know this in case there is something questionable, it's not Ted's doing.


p.s great job on completing the guitar arrangement!

Barbara Franklin
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