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Does anyone know of a recording of Ted's version of Sleepwalk?  I love that song, and love Ted's arrangements, but I would have a much easier time trying to figure this song out if I could hear it.  Either by him, or by someone going off of his sheet (off the "tunes" list).  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Morroben,
Welcome to this website!  I don't think there is any recording of Ted playing "Sleepwalk."
If you want to hear this, or just about any other song, I'd suggest going to YouTube and do a search on it.  This is what I did before I worked on this song.

If you haven't seen my compilation pages that I made of Ted's arrangement of this song, please go to the "From Students" section and find it listed under my name.  It contains the lead sheet in standard music notation combined with Ted's grid diagrams, plus some comments about the song and the arrangements.
This should help you to decipher Ted's page.

This song was also discussed briefly in a thread on this Forum here:

Good luck!


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Thanks for the welcome, Paul!  I'm working off of your compilation pages already, along with some of your other contributions.  Your lead sheet/Ted sheet compilations are my favorite way to learn this stuff. 
I must admit that I'm not extremely advanced at this stuff.  So sometimes Ted's harmonization is hard to for me to follow without hearing his version of the tune first.  If you (meaning I) start learning his arrangements one chord at a time, you get to chords that sound really odd until you find out where they're going. 
I'll just keep plugging away. 
Or feel free to record a snippet sometime!  You must have it down pretty well to have written your compilations sheets.


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Didn't Ted play Sleepwalk in the California Guitar Seminar? I havn't had time to check but I could have sworn he did. If not there, I'm sure I heard it recorded somewhere (in the lessons or seminars)

even the generic music to the california guitar seminar is a part of sleepwalk

Dmolished = Egads
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