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Hi Guys,
Attached is a compilation page of Ted's original grid box arrangement for "Over the Rainbow" combined with standard notation lead sheet using my cut 'n paste method.  I believe this song was originally written in Eb (all the charts I found were in that key), and Ted moved it up1/2 step to E so open strings could be used.  It's a very pretty arrangement and isn't as difficult to play as some of his others.

I've also included Ted's original sheet, which can also be found in the "Lessons > Tunes" section of this website.  On that page Ted purposely omitted the chord names, obviously to be meant for a homework assignment for the student to write in.  I took the liberty of writing the names below the chords. 

As he often did in his later years, Ted placed the fret number (left of the grid boxes) parallel with the fret in which the root of the chord is located.  That's why sometimes you'll see the number up high on one box, and lower on another.  Ted mentions this in one of the lesson recordings from Mark Levy (thanks Mark!).  I'm pretty sure about the chord names I assigned, but if anyone has differing opinions, or if I got it wrong, please let us all know. 

There's one little confusing section in the sixth measure of the bridge where Ted accidentally skipped a D#7 chord, and then made an "insert" in the line below it, using arrows for direction.  This happens on the words "...tops, that's..." in the phrase, "...away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me..."  This is all straightened out in the compilation sheet (top of p.2)

I included a 1st and 2nd ending on the chart, even though Ted doesn't do a repeat, but goes right to the end TAG.

Also of interest is the final ending, which after hitting the E chord, he follows it with a IV - bVII7 - I cadence.  The use of the IV - bVII7 was discussed in the Forums in the Harmony & Theory section, as "IV-bVII7-I".

I hope these pages makes Ted's arrangement a little more "user-friendly" to play through - it sure helps me!  I'd be interested in any feedback if these compilation sheets are helpful, or if you have any other suggestions or comments. 
Thanks, and enjoy!


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Thanks. This is very nice. It looks like a labor of love for You. How about Cant Help Falling in Love Next? (If I may be so bold)


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Paul, you're really 'walking the walk'  when it comes to generosity and the spirit the Ted shared.  This is wonderful!

I've been using guitar pro5 to try and do this kind of thing, but it produces all the notes on the staff, not just the melody.  And of course it doesn't have all Ted's ringing notes etc. And then there's finding the time to actually do it, of course . . .arghh

Thank you so much.  I always liked this one.


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Paul, this is simply outstanding. These "compilation sheets" are so great - thanks to all your hard work, it's easier for me to approach these arrangements - you've provided another lens through which to view this stuff... don't stop!  



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Hi Paul
These are absolutely magnificant!!!  The combination of chord windows, notation and lyrics makes the arrangement SO much more user friendly.  When I downloaded the sheet I could look at it and play it almost straight away whereas I struggle with the pure chord window sheets because it is difficult to see where you are in the song.
Thanks Heaps!!

M Semmler

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Keep them coming!  The "Rainbow" chord grid page seems difficult to navigate, but your layout makes it make more sense.  A friend of mine requested help on this and all I could do was point him to the video clip of Ted playing that song on
to sort it out (you may have to tune down to match his pitch).  Now with your sheets, it's a "slam-dunk".  Thanks again!


STAZZ MUSIC Productions
Specializing in fingerstyle guitar transcription and engraving.

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Thank you again Paul.  Your work is much appreciated!

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