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Thank you, arsenalca. Yes, to search through the contributions is a way to go, and I've been doing exactly that. This is an enjoyable task, but sometimes one would rather group the .pdf sheets by "standard notation", or by "Ted's notation", for better viewing, and I thought that maybe this option is available somewhere on the web-site.

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I have to say, as someone who recommended to Ted during a lesson that he write more in standard notation, that I have really come around to favoring Ted's notation for his material.

1) His notation has appropriate rhythm ambiguity.  Ted would sometimes play the same page with different rhythmic feels.

2) It puts the notes in a specific place on the neck.  While this can be done with staff notation, it requires roman numeral barre indications, circled string numbers, and/or fingering to do so.

3) It expresses a visualization of what's happening on the fingerboard.  On the other hand, staff notation expresses a graph of pitch and clear indication of melodic lines (counterpoint) and harmony.

4) What Ted actually wrote is the authoritative manuscript.  Translating what he wrote to standard notation can involve guesses of rhythms, bar line placement, etc.  Paul and others do an outstanding job of this here.  However, I remember playing Ted's arrangements for him in lessons in what I thought was a straightforward performance of his page, only to have him play it for me quite differently.  Admittedly, sometimes he would embellish what was on the page and encourage you to do so, too.  But sometimes my understanding of what he intended was incorrect.

I love standard notation and am a good sight reader.  But for Ted's material, his diagrams can often communicate best.  The good news is that this doesn't have to be either/or.  Thanks to the hard work of contributors like Paul, you can refer to both.

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Hi indigo777 and arsenalca,
Thanks for your interest in Ted's notation.  
For several years I've been working at translating many of his pages to standard notation combined with his grids.  Some of the early ones I did don't look so great, and I intend to redo many of them.  
If anyone is interested in working on with this long-term project I'd love to have them help out.  I'm one of the caretakers of Ted's digital archives, and we have lots of unpublished material that needs to be transcribed/translated/notated to be more readable, more presentable before posting. New stuff goes up each month. 
Please contact me if you'd like to be on the team....every little contribution helps.


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I absolutely agree with what you say about the advantages of Ted's notation. As mentioned previously, I've even witten an article, contemplating the reasons why Ted has been using this particular kind of notation (the link to the article: And, as per the reasons outlined in the article, I'm ultimately looking for standard notation. 


I'd be glad to be of help with translating/notating Ted's materials, as it gets closer to the winter. Meanwhile, since you're a moderator, may I ask if there's a way to change an email associated with the account on the forum? I have an old email registered with this account, and I lost access to it (and I'm not getting email norifications), and I had another account registered  - and I want to delete it - and I also want to rename myself from a nick name to my real name [smile]

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Hi Indigo777,
You should be able to log in to your Forums account:  You will see on the top right-hand side a line that says "Welcome indigo777"
Click on your name.  
That will take you to Forums > View Profile > indigo777
Now go to the right-hand side and select the EDIT tab. (You could select the DELETE tab, and that would probably wipe out your account)
In the EDIT section you should be able to make all the changes you want for your PROFILE, PREFERENCES, and other settings.

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