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It's been quite some time since visiting The Forum, primarily due to moving away from Los Angeles after 45 years. Most of that time was spent in the Music Business and as a dear personal friend of Ted's. While sorting through many keepsakes prior to the move, I came across a document that I thought would be of interest.  In 1996 I was working at the Disney Studios in the Music Department and put together a proposal for a musical documentary entitled, "With Strings Attached", which would trace The History of Guitar in America. Ted and I spent many hours together outlining a treatment. He  was excited about it, and agreed to an on-camera role much like Shelby Foote performed as the resident historian for the Ken Burns "Civil War" series. Who better than Ted to offer historical insight, little-known anecdotes, humor, and musical demonstrations for this vast subject?

Unfortunately, the project was shelved before production could begin much to Ted's and my disappointment. But among the notes was a list of players whom Ted considered legends. Some were obvious, some obscure, and others unknown to me until he elaborated about their individual contributions to the instrument. Here they are in no particular order:
George van Eps, Lenny Breau,Emily Remler, Dick Rosmini, Del Casher, Ernest Ranglin, Nokie Edwards, Nelson Simons, Sonny Greenwich, Rick Dangle, Klaus Lendzian, Mickey Baker, Eddie Duran, Teddy Bunn, Jim Nichols, George Barnes, Travis Lammach, James Burton, Johnny Rivers, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Duane Eddy, Lindsey Buckingham, Sharon Isbin, and a very young Kaki King.

Hope this provides additional insight into the "legend" we all miss the most. My compliments to all responsible for carrying on this wonderful website, which keeps Ted's and Barbara's spirit alive and well.

Cheers, Tom Bocci

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Hey thanks, I'll have to check out a bunch of those names.

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Here is a new list of guitarists from the website below.  Interestingly, Emily was also listed.  A very eclectic selection, but they admit it is intended.  Check it out. A nice mention of Ted.
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