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Does anyone know how Ted typically set the tone controls on a Fender amp?

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I don't know but he certainly played around with his amp controls to get tones that he liked.

One thing I do know is that he played with the volume control on his guitar turned down to darken the tone of his guitar.  I know this because I like my guitar volume full up and I like to get my tones from the amp.  When I went to lessons at Ted's, I plugged into his amp, same channel as him.  If my guitar volume was full up like I like it, it would end up blasting out his neighbors and being louder than him.  So I had to turn my guitar volume down.  This made my guitar sound pretty bad and muddy.  But his sounded great in the same channel.

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I wish there was an easy answer to this question. As far as I know . . .

Different settings for different individual amps. He would play, listen to the tone, change the amp, repeat as necessary.  In general (and that is always a dangerous claim) he seemed to be in the 5-7 range on bass, Mid he said he didn't believe in (on super reverbs - don't ask why - I only know because he told me that about mine), treble "not to bright." And the room would cause him to make adjustments.

Honestly matching his sound is the best way to go.  BUT, try to start on the Twin reverb-Deluxe reverb  family, and not the super reverb family of chassis. (I forget the details, but Paul Reviera explained it once as he thought that way as well.)

Having said that, he had a wonderful ampeg 4-10" guitar amp. When he wanted me to hear a new "black guard" he'd gotten (absolutely original and clean) he insisted on plugging it into THAT amp. ?! It was one of the pack that sat in his apartment against the wall across from the door.  And it really sounded like a piano in that amp.  The low E string (56) was the best I've ever heard. He hands me the guitar and says "check it out."  I gave it back to him after about a minute - I was not playing those gauges at all - as usual he sounded pretty average. [smile]

As always - please correct me if you know more..


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Thanks Leon, helpful!
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