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Just an fyi to those still waiting for me to send the DVD's....some kind souls are posting a lot of the material on YouTube, including the amazing 'Live at Seashell' recording.  Thank you to whoever is doing this. 


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Hi Jeff,
Thanks, I knew about this.  Ron Cid and Mark Levy are two of the people responsible for this generous act of sharing.
I did try to post a response on Youtube and mention the website but something happened and it didn't work.  I'm still not great with the computer yet, I probably never will be.  Barbara

Barbara Franklin

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Thanks to Barbara and Jeff, I received the Ted videos....It was simply a matter of cutting out some of the more interesting pieces and uploading them to Youtube....Hopefully it has exposed Ted's genius to the regular guitar world. I will not upload any more of the wedding video except for the videos posted on this site.

I can see by the comments that some people have never heard of Ted, and that pleases me to know that his playing continues on.

Here's another link to a main site where you can see all the available videos of Ted.

P.S. I have taken the time in each explanation of each video to thank Barbara / Jeff, and mention this web site...Hopefully it has garnered some visitors.



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Really great I'm gonna watch these vids now, thanks Ron

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This might interest some on the site.

You can download Youtube videos and save them on your hard drive.

Here's how:

Go to the Youtube site you want to download and copy the url in the address bar. This method also works for Google video and all the other video sites on the web.


In your browser, open a second tab and go to this web site and paste the Youtube site into the space provided, and click on download.

Just below you will see two different options to download the video, either high quality MP4 for your iPod or low quality FLV. For the PC/MAC, I've been choosing Low's up to you. (The quality is the same as the original using low quality)

At this point you will see the standard dialogue box for saving the file....It is at this point that you can permanently name the file i.e Ted Greene - Like Someone to Love

During the naming process, I always give the file the FLV extension, therefore the file would actually be named

Ted Greene - Like Someone to Love.flv

Now, you will need a FLV player...the best all around player is free and can play almost any video, audio, multimedia file on the is VLC Player

Available at this site for free

On a Mac:

Almost the same process, except on the Mac, you do not get a chance to name the file prior to saving the film. It always downloads to a file named Getvideo in your download folder or on the desktop.

You will have to go to your download folder / desktop and right click on the file in question using "Get Info" At this point you can name the file with the FLV extension. You will get a warning to rename the file using FLV extension, say YES

The Mac also has VLC Player and , once again it is THE best player on the market, as it can play almost any kind of file without fail.

Enjoy! There's a lot of Ted video available and they are definite keepers...As they are always a pleasure to watch and wonder.



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For Mac users, there is a great shareware program called "Tube TV" that will allow you to download and save any "flash" videos, such as YouTube's. Here is the URL:    Just follow the instructions, and it works very well. I  then use iDVD to burn hard copies that I can watch in my computer or on my DVD player when I want to enjoy a bigger screen. I'm not affiliated with Tube TV, but I only think it's proper to donate something to the developer if you use and enjoy their software. Enjoy!

Posts: 51
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I've become a Mac user, after 25 years of slugging through DOS 2.1 to 6.0, Windoze, 1.0, 3.0, 3.1 (I was a beta tester) 95, 98, XP......I stopped at that point, when Apple moved over to the intel powered Mac's. Now, I very rarely boot up Windoze, but I use Parallels and Win XP if I ever need to use a Win program, like Corel Draw!.

I've found a neat free utility to download You tube videos that enables you to name the video and it converts it to the proper format without any hassle

It also seems to have versions for all the popular formats, Mac, Windoze, Linux, etc.

Here's a link

I've been using it on the mac, and it's really very step process.

Man you have to check out the new videos on this Ted site...blues, blues blues....from the master.

Long live Ted!


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