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Just a little something I put together after listening to one of Mark Levy's lessons. I've been trying to get chromatic soprano lines using just V.2 chord forms, and I think this one came out nicely. The soprano line descends completely chromatically and i tried to get the other voices to move as little as possible as well. It's definitely Ted inspired and hope somebody out there likes it.

This exercise could be used on any tune that has a progression that goes:

I   V(optional)  vm7(minor)   I7   IVmaj7  iv(or bVII) I etc

tunes that come to mind offhand would be:

-Four  (some versions have it going to minor v and this would work)
-There will never be another you   (starting on the Cm7 and therefore the first chord would have to be changed)

can anybody think of any other tunes that start off:   I  v  I7   IVmaj7  iv (or bVII)

please let me know if you see any mistakes and any feedback is welcome.

p.s. I was going to write out the whole thing with the B section but I just used Inkscape for the first time to make this chart so it took me longer than i would have liked.

p.p.s.  the second chord (the F7) which isn't in the realbook (i think) comes from Ted, and i think it sounds really nice in there.

Dmolished = Egads
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