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Posts: 9
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Hello forum!

I have all Ted Greene books printed by Dale Zdenek (great staff!)
Recently I noticed new editions of those books from Alfred Music on

Is there any reasons for updating my TG Dale Zdenek books with Alfred editions?
Like corrected mistakes, better printing and better paper, more information? Better quality of book itself, like spiral-bound or something?

Please advise and thank you!

P.S. Sorry for mistakes. Enlish is my second languge.

Posts: 197
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I think the only difference is the cover artwork.

Posts: 453
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Despite what some editions say about edited by so-and-so, which is different from the originals, I have found no difference in content.  The type size may be different as printing technology and other issues have changed.  The outside diameters may have changes by tiny tiny bits, but the new books are, in general, bound better. (the old books were well bound, other then the earliest editions which occasionally had a staple problem I've been told. Yes, I think the first editions were stapled . . .)  But, the old books are old.  My $4.00 copy of Chord chemistry has started to come 'unglued.'
Replacing the books may come down to playing the 51 tele on albums, but touring with the a 2014 re-issue -  you just want to protect the older books.  I will have to do that at some point as I don't want to loose any pages.
Again, however, the old books give you the great vibe of the original book, in that era, with the paper stock and original covers. The older books used different paper stock on cover stock as well. 
For the new books they picked a standard piece of clip art and used different colors across a wide variety of books - presumably to create a consistent "series" feel.  The paper on the covers and interior is different, the trim sizes are slightly different, depending on when the 'new' book was printed, and the 'finish' applied to the covers is different as all these technologies have changed. (an original has NO shiny finish on CC, while today it does.)
After the original publisher, Belwin Mills printed them, the Columbia, the Warner Bros, and now Alfred. So changes are bound to appear.
Ted is still inside, he just has a new pair of blue suede shoes (and Hawaiian shirt).

Posts: 175
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As mentioned, insides are all the same. *I don't think there were ever any 'typos' or mistakes. Ted didn't really ever make any [wink]

Here are a couple of pics of my copies.
He signed my original CC.


And my first forays into guitar chords ...


ken lasaine

Posts: 66
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Those were the internet, no Amazon..making special trips to the city to poke around in bookshops for gems like these. I still have the top two Ted ones in the pics and yes the good ol' Mickey Baker one (published 1955). I'd probably sell all three for no less than about 10,000 pounds...just taking them down from the shelf brings back the memories of the youthful joy and excitement of those days.

Posts: 1,766
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Yes, the good old days when there was only a handful of guitar instruction books. The first book I had was a Mel Bay book, but I don't recall the title.  But I do remember that in the back of the book were a few pages on what they called "orchestral" guitar chords (or something like that). I analyzed the heck out of those chords, trying to figure out how and why the chord names changed when one of the tones was moved.  This was way beyond my knowledge at the time, but it got me hooked on approaching guitar playing like a mathematician. Anyone remember that book?

Posts: 68
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Hello Paul,

While the Mel Bay 7 part Modern Guitar Method has Orchestral Forms scattered throughout Volumes VI and VII, the last page of  the Mel Bay Presents Jazz Guitar Method by Ronny Lee, Volume One is titled The MODERN ORCHSTRSL CHORDS.   Unlike the wonderful complete Rhythm and Orchestral Guitar method of Mel's, the aforementioned volume of Ronny Lee's is dedicated only to the orchestral chords derived from Form I7.  and as we all know, they are drop 3 voicings. 

I find that page odd in that book, since Volume 2 of Ronny Lee's, which I think Ted mentioned in the book section of Modern Chord Progressions is all about chords.  THAT is a fine fine book.   But, don't take my word for it. I doubt Ted would have mentioned RL's volume 2 if it were a sled. 

I hope that suffices for a trip down short term memory lane, or a short trip down memory lane. 


Posts: 9
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Thank you very much for all answers! You guys are great!
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