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Just received my new copy yesterday. I think I'm responsible for about 3 more orders for it from mentions on two other forums. The new version has much cleaner and more clearly printed diagrams I struggled with in the original copy I have. This book is everything I've searched for for the past 50 years. Very motivating to read and study. I think it's a worthy candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature!
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I purchased the new edition recently myself. Cannot comment on how it compares with the prior out of print version- as I never knew it. I'm an old dog determined to learn new tricks...or new ways of thinking about playing this puzzle called guitar, to be more precise. Styles For The Studio has already caused me to re-think, re-learn, and frankly let go of a number of bad habits that were limiting. The finger dexterity drills alone are of immense value. Cross picking - my pinky finger has become a strong useable digit instead of a dead apendage on my fretting hand, for one thing. I've transitioned into a hybrid picking style, and may just lose the pick entirely in the end. Time will tell. In the meantime I keep working on the puzzle.
Concepts I'd always struggled to grasp are laid out here in a format that work for me, finally. I hope you find Mr. White's book as helpful to your journey as it is has already become to mine.

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Thank you both very much. I appreciate your kind words.  I think the folks at probably know about me because of Barbara Franklin, who was Ted's life partner until her passing.  I try not to blow my own horn here because this is Ted's site.  But she insisted on mentioning me several times, so we let it go.
I say "we" because while Paul V does most of the work, I do help out and make the lights stay on.
In any event, I'm really glad the book is helping. 

And since we've gone this far,  I'll repeat a message posted elsewhere:

I urge everyone to checkout the chord melody arrangements at  Dan Sawyer and Tony Mandracchia are the arranger/performers. The learning approach is unique and "has my fingerprints on it" as someone described it.

These are complete solo arrangements played in various styles (Block Chord, fingerstyle, etc.)  and I think they're great. The guys have material for beginning thru advanced. 
  • Dan's take on I'm Getting Sentimental Over You is a show stopper. 
  • Tony's version of the Love Theme from Butch Cassidy carries on Ted's love of film music, while bringing the poignancy of a solo guitar to a slow western waltz. 
No Tab, just clear chord diagrams, good quality video in slow motion, and logical explanation on HOW to play. This provides focus and simplicity to learning the performance level songs.

I've been learning some of these and regardless of level they are very 'musical.' Both players were close to Ted personally, by the way.

Each arrangement is equal to 2-3 lessons in person.  I think you'll find both players on YouTub, so you can see them at work on other things. And check out their bios on the site to see what is behind their work.

---End of Commercial

Thank you all again.


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