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Barbara and crew...Has there been or are there any plans to fully transcribe Ted's Solo Guitar album and release it in book form (w/ chord charts, performance notes, etc)?  I know some folks have done great work w/ working out the parts, but I am curious whether a formal book will ever be produced?  Peace.  jeff


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 Ted told me that some of the transcriptions he saw are
good,but non perfect.i think if such a book should exist,we
want to make it true to the recording..note for note.
also the page entitled 'Romantic harmony',posted this month,
explains much of how Ted Greene was thinking,especially on
"a certain smile" and "Danny boy",great stuff..with love,from India.

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I know one of our members, Mark Thornbury, transcribed "Solo Guitar" years back. He sent me the copies of them, and I'd be glad to post them GIVEN HIS PERMISSION.
I do not know what, if anything, that Ted said as to the accuracy of the transcriptions.

EXPERIMENT. Patience and determination are key.

Posts: 209
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If Mark got even 90% there, he would be my hero.  That would be quite an accomplishment and something that would make me covet his ear and patience!


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I have checked a few of Mark's transcriptions with Ted and "Solo Guitar" and I would have to confirm that Mark has definitely earned HERO status.  It is especially amazing how quickly he cranked out these chord grid sheets soon after the LP was released back in 1977!

Before I was aware of Mark's efforts, I geared my lessons with Ted towards writing out all 8 songs from the "Solo" Guitar" LP (no CD at the time).  Ted knew I transcribe professionally for the major publishers and I think his occassional resistance was noted.  He dreaded 'the business' part of music, doubled with the fact his LP was long out-of-print, his desire diminished after documenting just two songs.  HOWEVER, after the CD was released at the end of 2004, he was more than happy I was doing him "the favor" and I resumed the transcription process.  And yes, there will be chord grids, notation, tab, and a indepth analysis section.

In the meantime, Mark's chord grids are a good way to dig into the "Solo Guitar" recordings.  I also point seekers, looking for these transcriptions, to Fatt's website which now has a major catalog of fingerstyle guitar arrangements.  Check it out!

STAZZ MUSIC Productions
Specializing in fingerstyle guitar transcription and engraving.

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That is awesome news Nick, and long overdue for such a monumental work.  I have checked out Fatt's site in the past but it is hard for me to read the tab, although it is a pretty amazing site w/ great arrangements.  I am old school, I guess (despite being youngish).  I would love to see his work in a format worthy of him.  Sounds like you are on your way to doing that!  Looking forward to it.


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Hello everybody

I just visited Fatt's site which resulted in a prolonged download frenzy. I am speechless. This is one fantastic ressource ! No need to read the TAB in the first place. Just download the .zip file instead of the TAB and then you may hear and see it AND you may read the TAB. This is extremely recommended. And it does feature many of Teds transcriptions, too which is very helpful to help understand the chord voicings !

All the best to everybody. Besides...I got the DVD...Thanks Barbera for this wonderful document and inspiration.

Mike from Zurich, Switzerland
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