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Posts: 71
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Does anyone know if Ted was into the vocal group Singers Unlimited and their fantastic arranger Gene Puerling? I just discovered their lush, gorgeous sound and somehow their harmonies remind me of Ted....


Posts: 79
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I do remember after a lesson one day Ted asked me to come and listen to a recording of a vocal group of this calibre which he was really excited about, and we smiled at each other as we recognized a min 11 chord using a major 2nd interval inside the voicing...fairly common for us, but rather difficult for a vocal group! 


I don't really remember who it was, as I didn't recognize the name, but Ted was definitely hip to the vocal arrangers!

Esto sicut Theodorus! (Be like Ted)

Posts: 455
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Ted did know about them - several times over the years we spoke about them.  He was very complimentary.




Posts: 145
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Mike Campbell, the head of Musician Institute's vocal program, was one of Ted's closest friends. I vaguely remember a discussion that Mike and Ted had about the Hi Lo's. When it comes to Ted and vocalists Mike is the guy to ask. Hopefully he'll chime in.

 I can tell you that Ted was a big fan of Take 6. He also loved Barbershop quartets. 


Info on Singers Unlimited's arranger.


Check out how in-tune these guys,and gal, are!

Bob Holt

Posts: 940
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Ted did enjoy Singers Unlt., Take6 and one of his favorites: The Swingle Singers - who sang Bach pieces with a lite jazz feel. Wonderful.

Barbara Franklin

Posts: 23
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Hi All,

    Since I was a voice teacher in Hollywood , while I was studying with Ted, we would chat about singing and singing groups sometimes. Ted knew I was a big fan of the Hi Los and all the other great singing groups. He really like those Hi Li harmonies.

    One week when I told him Yma Sumac was coming out of retirement to do a couple of shows in Hollywood and I had tickets and was going with a close friend flying in for her show, Ted was very interested in my report the last week, on what she sang etc.

     I told him she still did that amazing flying vocal bird around the room thing, she was famous for in the 1950s. I asked her how she did it and she smiled and said, I have read your book, thanks for putting me in it. I laughed and asked her, did she really learn to fly her voice around in a secret temple in the jungle and she said yes.

     Ted wanted to know if she told me what jungle. I told him, I asked her but she just said, its still there, if you can find it.

      I asked Ted, did you study chord melody at a secret temple in the jungle and he said, yeah, the jungle in George Van Eps backyard.


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