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  I have been building a guitar and it just got finished Sept. 26, 2010 by luck. I worked on it a bit at a time so it really was a fluke that it was done that day.
     I realized later that night that it was Ted's birthday and also the day that Shawn Lane died ( a great guitarist who idolized Ted).
   It made me think of how brilliant and uplifting Ted's music was (and his personality) and I remembered talking to him on the phone once. He was so friendly and humble.
    My new guitar turned out to be the best I've ever made and I like to think it is no coincidence that it was finished on that day.
     This guitar needs an appropriate name however so I am open to suggestions.

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Dear RMcFee, It's not a silly guitar story! It's wonderful!  Ted did not believe anything was a coincidence.  
Almost all of our guitars were females, (we wondered why ourselves), but it just happened that way.  We would spend some time with each new guitar addition to our family and usually a name would come to one of us. 
Give yourself some time with your newly created precious gift and perhaps a name will come to you too?   Wishing you all the best, Barbara

Barbara Franklin

Posts: 22
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  Thanks Barbara. I do feel like each one is a family member (along with my cats.) Most are named,  like "Frank" (built by a guy named Frank Horvath), "Sonny" (signed by Sonny Landreth) and "The Green Princess", etc.
     No rush - the name will come. 

Posts: 118
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I'm surprised I just noticed this.  Beautiful instrument.  As a builder myself I'm really impressed.  The finish looks great.  What did you use?

Posts: 22
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  Hi Greg. I must confess that Fender finished it for me;  I bought the parts so I should have said that I "assembled" a new guitar, not built.
    The neck is made by Mighty Mite and that is an area where I spend a lot of time to reshape the neck and give it a Tung Oil finish.
   I also find that most store bought necks need the frets dressed to get the best out of the action, so I do that also.
     It has low output humbuckers. I find hot pickups are too middy sounding. Low output (like a Gibson PAF type) is much brighter and clearer. Then you have the option of adding mids and dirt if need be.  Thanks for the interest.

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