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pdf Scotts Lullaby.pdf     

Hi there,
I've been working through ted's stuff, listening to the (amazing) lesson tapes from Mark Levy and others, and reading the forum for a little while now - what a fantastic and incredibly inspiring resource this website is... thanks so much to everyone who makes this possible it really is great!!

I did a (really rough and probably inaccurate!) transcription of George Van Eps' "Scott's Lullaby", using Ted's chord grid system - and I thought I'd upload it here in case it's of any use to anyone. Please forgive any mistakes or inaccuracies, like I said it's just a rough approximation - if anyone has any corrections then please let me know and I'll try and incorporate them - all suggestions gratefully received!! It looks a bit ropey as it was done on photoshop, but its clearer than my chord stamp and pencil original...anyway you get the idea! please find PDF file attached.

Thanks once again to everyone who contributes here, and thank you Ted for being such an amazing musician and inspiring human being! Hope somebody finds the pdf useful.


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Here's a better version I did in Sibelius - Notation and TAB, hope its's useful for somebody..  Corrected a couple of chords as well.

(full version few posts below)   


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Thanks for writing this up.  There's quite a few George Van Eps fans here, so it will be appreciated.

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Thanks Paul and BLC for the encouragement and kind words! You've inspired me to finish it and add the missing sections..! I think it's pretty accurate now - had to change a couple of notes as they were out of range for 6-string, but I think it's all pretty much there.. Also I uploaded the tune to youtube as it didn't seem to be on there - 

That Ted/GVE interview is incredible isn't it?! I must have played it 50 times or something! - so inspiring to listen to.. and listening to "Scott's Lullaby" is even more touching after hearing George relate how he composed it after coming home from seeing his new-born Grandson for the first time..  Also I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) that this tune was actually the reason Ted decided to study with George Van Eps in the first place, after hearing it on the radio? And I think you're right BLC it's on the "Soliloquy" album.

Anyway the finished transcription is below - apologies for the multiple versions! This is one of the first transcriptions I've done so it was a bit of a learning process.. Again hope its useful for somebody!

Matt L.

(final version few posts below)  


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Thanks to BLC for pointing out the structure for "Scott's Lullaby", and the tab correction. As my 1st time hearing this song it will make following along much easier. Also to Matt for all the hard work!!!

I have a very old out of print copy of "The George Van Eps Method for Guitar." It's 42 pages, including the cover,and it's been scanned. I'd be happy to share the pdf files if anyone would be interested. Perhaps it's already available on the Forums...? I'm just not sure how to upload the pdf.
files or if it can be uploaded straight to the forums.

Any help would be appreciated, if there's any interest.

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Hi Glenn,
Please don't try to post the GVE Method PDF on this site. Even though it is out-of-print, we don't own the copyrights to it and don't want to risk having it here.
That PDF file is easily available on the Internet if one knows his way around downloads, etc.
Thanks for pointing this out to our GVE fans here.


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pdf George Van Eps - Scott's Lullaby.pdf     

hi! here's an updated version of the transcription, with corrections - thanks loads BLC for the help (and also the really kind words and positivity - it actually really made a difference to me last week, feeling that something I'd done purely for the sake of doing it, was being appreciated so much by at least one other person on the planet, so thanks again!). 


I used a DC al Coda, ie go back to the beginning and play until the go to coda sign, then skip to coda - hopefully its the right terminology to use (it was half-remembered from my days as a kid studying percussion and playing in youth orchestras!), I thought it was better to use DC than using DS, then I wouldn't have to bother with the sign and all that… might be getting it mixed up here tho!


Corrected the tab for the measure that first appears in bar 15 - can't believe I missed that!! 


The 10th with inner line motion in bar 8 - you're right the 10th is definitely sustained all the way isnt it?!.. so I wonder if maybe the last F of that bar should be played on the A string, fret 8, rather than d string fret 2?.. I left the tab how it was though as the only way I could find to play it was by using the LH thumb to play the Bb in the bass - which I thought GVE would have probably frowned upon!!


Anyway, the final version is below - also Paul I was wondering if I should take down the previous versions now? although maybe the chord grid one might be useful for someone if they prefer that to TAB/notation..?


As far as my transcribing process etc - I should clarify that I meant that this was one of my first jazz guitar transcriptions - I've done a fair bit of transcribing in the past, but only for pop songs - mainly on this insane job I had making the parts for a TV studio band for this karaoke type gameshow - between me, my cousin and my girlfriend of the time, we had to transcribe verse and chorus for over 300 chart songs 1950-present day, which was a fascinating exercise and lead to loads of interesting little observations…eg the really high proportion of pre 1980s number one records that speed up exactly 3bpm for the chorus, then back down again for verses….  anyway, I got used to using a computer, syncing whatever tune I was transcribing to the metronome and then looping it bar by bar to hear exactly what's going on. Theres also some stand-alone software I've seen that's specially written for this kind of thing - one called "Transcribe!" which looks quite good - you can slow down the track without affecting the pitch etc..  The ultimate in music software at the moment for me though has to be Melodyne DNA editor - if you were so inclined you could go into any Van Eps tune and retune just his B string, or make all 9ths into flat 9s, or shift all bass notes up a tone, all without being able to tell that it wasnt originally recorded like that! not sure why you'd want to do that in the first place but it really is amazing! - I've used it for retuning chords, when I've got a limited amount of say, brass samples, to work with - you can make one chord into anything you want, major, minor, dominant, diminished augmented etc,,   also sometimes good for creating pseudo backing vocal parts when all you've been given is a lead vocal part - good for remixes etc..


also thanks Glenn for the offer of the Van Eps Method book - I actually managed to download a PDF ages ago from somewhere or other, and after seeing how great it was, got a copy off Amazon for £2 or something like that!! Excellent book! Much more my level than the Harmonic Mechanisms books, which are intimidating to say the least…! 



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