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Posts: 17
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Hey All,

Linked and attached is an attempted proofread of Francois LeDuc's transcription of Danny Boy.

- Only tabs and grids have been modified; standard notation may not likely match in those modified areas.
- Additions and changes are in red.
- The complete removal of a voice is signified with a cross looking thing (See top of page one for notes).  I couldn't for the life of me hear those notes, so pay particular attention and please judge for yourself, etc etc.

Anyway, it took me roughly ~50 hours spread out about 1-2 months in order to do a phrase by phrase (sometimes note by note) Cubase crawl at about ~65-70% speed.  In other words, I can't get the song out of my head.

And, although I am particularly proud of the eureka moment I had this morning figuring out the final chords (How the hell did Ted come up with that ending to begin with?!  Just astounding), I just hope that I've removed more errors than I have added! 

Happy Holidays!

- Gareth

P.S. Special thanks to my wife and her Photoshop skills for quickly colorizing the changes on pages 11 and 12 for me.  The first scan didn't catch that those pages were color (note the poorer b/w quality) and the poor guy working at OfficeMax on Christmas Eve did NOT look like he wanted to scan it again.

P.S.S.  If anyone knows how to get a hold of Francois, I'd like to hand this stuff over to him too.

Attached Files
pdf Rixton_Danny_Boy.pdf (3.39 MB, 45 views)


Posts: 17
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I've made a comment in Francois' YouTube channel, so hopefully he sees it!  - G

Posts: 455
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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you, your wife and family (including pets)!!  Thank you for working so patiently on this.  Fancois took on a major task, and so did you.  All of the rest of us are most grateful for all the work and care put it into this effort.  Ted was picky.  We don't talk a lot about it, but it was one of his primary attributes.  By picky I mean REALLY picky.  REALLY. Anything that we can do to support that is a real gift.  Thank you, from me, and the 20,000 visitors to this site.  Years from now people will still be discovering Ted, and you're helping them as well.

That's a holiday gift.


Posts: 17
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Hey Leon.  I'm so happy to help.

So, this morning I woke up and heard that pull-off in the last chord again.  Using the KISS method, I think that the attached is the more accurate of the two (the tones played are still exactly the same).

Happy Holidays once again!


Attached Images
jpeg Danny_Boy_Ending_Edit.JPG (168.45 KB, 14 views)


Posts: 3
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Hi Gareth I have seen your message on youtube, I think you've done a fantastic job! I just tried your version and I agree with almost everything, thou I haven't listen to the song with your sheets yet. If you are right... I can't believe measure 7 and 8 was so simple. It took me an eternity to figure this out and it was just that... shame on me! All those harmonics part are very hard to transcribe but when you find how it's done it seem so simple... anyway.  I know exactly what you mean by; ''In other words, I can't get the song out of my head.'' haha! 

If you don't mind I will do a corrected version of this song, and obviously give you the credit for the correction. Cheers!


Posts: 17
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Hey François!

Thank you so much for your warm response and for putting this transcription together in the first place.  I can't take much credit for measures 7 and 8; that's all Ted, Mark Thornbury, and Cubase's time-stretch function!:

I am glad that it seems that I may have corrected more parts than created more errors and I totally look forward to an updated version of the transcription!  Thank you so much!  WoohoO!

(Yeah, little parts of the song just keep repeating in my mind like the energizer bunny!  LOL!  It might be time to start learning something else...)



Posts: 1,773
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When you have a corrected version, please send to me so we can update your file in the "Transcriptions" section of the site.
Thanks to you both!
Merry Christmas!


Posts: 17
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I think I missed a detail 9 notes from the left in measure 7.

10 on B string becomes chime (7) on the D string.  Plays more fluidly/simply with what the right hand was already doing.

- G

Attached Images
jpeg Danny_Boy_Measure_7.JPG (263.40 KB, 14 views)


Posts: 455
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Gareth, thank you again. Generations of players benefit from the work you and others do here.  I thank you on their behalf as well.
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