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I have a part of my practice regimen that consists of ending up my practice sessions by going through my "Ted Greene notebook," and at least giving an honest attempt at playing the arrangements within.  This began as an exercise in futility when I first got the arrangements.  I've mentioned before that I came from a lifetime of fingerstyle acoustic playing, and the abbreviated grips and stuff were all foreign to me.  I began to see that some of the arrangements were actually beginning to sound like the song titles.  Well, last night I was playing, and after practicing I was pretty well warmed up (I have arthritis in my hands), and arrangment after arrangement, they were really going pretty well!  Not where they're ready to head for the coffee - house mind you, but doggone it if they aren't at least starting to flow a bit, and even more - my ears and my body are starting to anticipate some of the sounds and changes that I need to make.  Yes - progress!!!


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Way to stick w/ it Mark.  Like I have read around these parts many times---patience and determination.  That seems to be the name of the game w/ this beast.


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Congratulations Mark!  The best part about making progress is that progress becomes self-proliferating.  You are really going to take off now!  Barbara

Barbara Franklin

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I know how you feel, Mark. I've been playing the arrangements on the Solo Guitar album for many years, and I'm still finding new layers of subtlety and feeling that are possible to express. It's amazing to me that the beauty of Ted's soul keeps revealing itself in the beauty of his musical logic; soul and music, one timeless beauty. Without him I never would have guessed it was possible to play such things on this simple box with strings....

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Okay Allan. I'd not have mentioned it, especially on this thread, but here is my little anecdote on the Solo Guitar album.  Like many here and elsewhere, that DVD is a revelation in so many ways.  Anyway, I was so inspired after getting it and listening, I went to Fatt's site and started getting serious about looking at his flowing transcription for "They Can't Take That Away From Me."  Having gotten really inspired, I came to the point where I just needed that music away from my computer.  So I sat there and transcribed the whole thing onto tablature paper so I could practice it anywhere and really get where I could make it sing.  To this day, I can't make head or tail of what the heck I wrote as a transcription for Fatt's transcription of Ted's beautiful rendition.  No, I wasn't drinking, I don't take drugs and I cannot even tell you why I did such a dismal job of it.  In any case, it is about seven pages worth of pencil marks - each one apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time '8)

Thanks all, I appreciate the encouragement!

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