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Any chance there could be a section of the site for mp3’s from Ted’s students of them performing Ted’s arrangements to help us know what the arrangements should sound like? I don’t mean a million different renditions of each arrangement, but one rendition accepted which best represents a particular arrangement?


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1) Your suggestion dovetails with a plan we've been kicking around to get all of Ted's live performances transcribed, and to get all the written pages transcribed into human readable, and audio, performances.  The original notion Barb and I discussed was to uncover every Ted page, preserve it, organize it, make it accessible, and preserve the entire set of material into future generations.  As Barb was a big fan of Bach, the parallels of preserving the work for future generations made sense. So that is why the site was started.  While she was mourning I scanned every available page of hers, and other students I knew.  Later she organized and weeded out all duplicate pages. (Ted would make 10 copies of a piece he used frequently in lessons, so there were a lot of dupe pages.)  As Barb was a music librarian at Warner Brothers for the film and TV music, she had some experience in that, and categorized all the pages.

2) So. Here is the rough plan as of this morning:
   a) We need to catalogue the live performances on video or audio (including lessons), and including songs performed.
   b) We need to do a quick scour of our own channels and make a list of video or audio performances of Ted's material.
   c) We match the two and present a list of work already done.
   d) We publish the list and ask for volunteers to play the pieces not yet played.
   e) We post and track new performances so that players can scan the 'catalog' to find some music that they're interested in, and that they can hear courtesy of one of our contributing players.
   f) The performances should be in the keys and chords as Ted presented. No alterations.
   g) Altered versions, or versions based upon an arrangement (but with new and/or different material added) are welcome but will appear in a separate area so we don't confuse or attribute someone's arrangement to Ted when he did not create it in it's entirety.

3) Players wishing to contribute do not need to be Ted-level professionals.  We encourage everyone to consider submitting a video or mp3 of their performance of a Ted arrangement.  We won't be judging them or rating them or any of that. 

4) As you all know, this is a gentle site, and will remain that way because of Ted's special spirit and generosity.  Even errors in a performance can be okay if the gist of the Ted Music can be discerned by folks who want to listen before they attempt an exercise or arrangement.

5) It would be helpful if contributors would have their Private Messaging Feature (in your profile in the Forums) turned on so that people can contact the contributor directly.  That kind of exchange will raise the quality of all those involved and the site in general.

6) If you submit a performance and want to replace it, you can.
Audio format should be mp3 and nothing else. Video format is preferred to be MP4.

7) If you've got charts or written notes you want included, provide them (preferably in PDF, but if not possible MS word or Notepad or ?). Notation should follow Ted's boxes for chord melody style, if possible. If not, music or Tab(Ugh) will be accepted and someone will convert it in some way. 

8) Electronic/Notation formats for the performance: Midi; Guitar Pro5 or Guitar Pro 6.  If you've already done some in Tef or Powertab, we'd love it if you could convert it for us. If you can't, we'll find someone who can, tho it will delay the publishing of it.

That's the plan.

Step 1 - attack the plan and let's see what needs reviewing/changing/deleting/ or questions.  Please post in this Thread.
Step 2 - if you're interested in helping in some way, Private message me or post here.
Step 3 - After getting some feedback, we'll post a revised plan or whatever, so that we have an official starting draft.

Thanks for reading this overly lengthy post. This is an exciting step in making Ted's material more accessible, and worthy of all our best efforts.

Leon White

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Seriously, this sounds like an awesome and perfect plan to me. 

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