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I just checked my calender program, and it's coming up to one year ago(Friday, June 10th) when I had my last guitar lesson with Ted.  It was the first time in many years that I saw Ted, other than seeing him at Spazios a few weeks prior, and running into him a few times at our local Ralphs store.

I didn't know what a Columbo fan he was, as I have been for years, until I noticed the DVDs lying around.  I even have the coat which is my yearly Halloween costume. 

I remember the lesson well.  I brought my GL guitar which I modified with a 5 pos switch.  Ted played it, said he liked it, but wondered why the switch was distorting a little.  Based on what he said about it, I have replaced the switch.

We talked a little about whats been going on, then Ted said, "what song do you want to work on, even if I don't know it."  I couldn't think of one, and finally came up with Tenderly in E.  He asked me to play it first, which I did. At one point , he said, "nicely done"  Then told me to turn on my video.  He then worked it over, and have it on tape.  I think I can convert it, and am willing to offer it to this site if there are any takers.   Ted then played  some blues progressions, but unfortunately, I mis-operated my video, so don't have that. 

The lesson ended after talking a little about some contemporary singers.  I lost my camcorder battery in a stack of things, and after I found it Ted told me to call him soon, and that one hour was not enough.  He told me we would set up a two hour lesson next time.  My calls for that were not returned.  I left Ted a CD of some of my home recordings.  He asked me if it had been released and he laughed when I responded "to my astronomy club." I never got any feedback from him, but that's OK.

Ted will be on my mind over the next few weeks, and his CD will be on in my car as actually has been for some time now anyway. 


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You so kindly gave me a copy of that DVD at the memorial. It's probably the last video made of Ted. I am so grateful to have it & I'm sure others would also appreciate it.
As you mentioned, these two coming months will be very difficult. There hasn't been a day gone by that hasn't been difficult for me. June & July will be especially hard to bear.
I have DVDs & CDs of Ted that I would love to share with everyone - I just have to figure out how to do it.

Barbara Franklin

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I actually have more tape from that visit.  But, it is just the
camera wondering around aimlessly because, I thought it was on when it
was off, and off when it was on.....I have it, and your welcome to it
if you want it.  The segment I gave you was edited from that..

Steve Brodie

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