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Posts: 68
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I have always wondered why Ted don't always place the position numbering of the chord grids on the first (top) fret position, but sometimes on different fret.
I've just thought that the position or the area of the numbering was his target of movements, either be voice leading, voice movements or pedal tones, or tri-tone movements.
I think more than position, the numbering serves as a purpose to signify and remind the movement of voice from chord to chord.

I wondered if he does mention his way of chord grid numberings?

Yours Sincerely.

Koek Wei Chew

Posts: 1,773
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Dear Koek,
I think some of Ted's other students will have a definite answer on this, but from what I've deducted, the grid number usually indicates the fret where the root of the chord is located -- which could be on any of the strings.  If the chord doesn't contain a root note, he would still put the number besides that fret in order to show where we should be thinking for the root to be.

Now, this isn't always so, because Ted's methods evolved over time, and some of his early diagrams may not correspond to this exactly.  I think he used to number the uppermost box of the grids, regardless of the chord form.  Leon, Mark, or Nick might even be able to tell you the year he switched his numbering system.

Often Ted did this for the student's benefit.  Some of his "lesson arrangements" that contain no chord names have the fret number as a clue as to how to name the chord.

Hope this helps.


Posts: 68
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I am referring to the neo Baroque as well as a few chord sheet in the 90's when I get this idea, and the number doesn't really correspond to the root.

While you are right that some of his early 70's sheets have the numbering on the top fret.

I used to think that why would he place the numbering that way as its easy to make mistakes and a little more difficult to read.
I just think he is trying to express some of his ideas on the numbering now.

Yours Sincerely.

Koek Wei Chew
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