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I was fortunate enough to take 2 lessons with Ted which forever changed my life.   I think about Ted frequently, despite the lessons having occurred in the late 90's. He was the embodiment of dedication to teaching, and to mastery of the guitar, which I strive for. 

I bought Modern Chord Progressions over 10 years ago, checked it out, loved the sounds, but frankly was overwhelmed by it's extensive scope and it ended up on my bookshelf for years. I've talked with many other guitar players and many have shared a similar experience. This book is truly one that can be studied for a lifetime, and is a tremendous gift beyond words that Ted left us. Yet a lot of us don't really get as much out of it as we could, for whatever reason.   

Last year I began studying this book again, with the goal of playing through the entire book from cover to cover.  Well, I made it most of the way through, but the circle of 4ths section I have yet to get through.Yet, in glossing over the material, I haven't mastered it either, and feel I need a second go of it, this time with the goal of mastering each example.   

As I was getting back into the book, I was finding myself getting emotional about the loss of Ted, and how I don't think he was fully appreciated in his lifetime for this gift.   It is amazing what an act of devotion this book was to Ted's students and the guitar playing world. The amount of time that he put into painstakingly writing out these examples by hand is staggering. And each one of the examples is simply beautiful. I am sure Ted did not embark on this task thinking that he would get rich.   It was an act of giving; an act of love for teaching. Yet despite the magnificence of this work, many people do not know of the book.  

There is no other book like this that I have experienced, and I doubt there exists anything remotely like this. Many books have set out with similar goals of covering a musical topic with total comprehensiveness. Yet the other books inevitably resort to a systematic and mathematical approach towards covering all bases, which is unmusical. Ted achieved total comprehensiveness while never for a moment compromising the goal of spreading beauty with each note, each beautiful example.  Yet still achieving extreme variety in voicings, melody line, voice leading, and harmonic substitution to the point that if we master this book, we'll be able to play just about anything. 

I remember in one of my lessons, somehow "Beat It" by Michael Jackson came up, and Ted, of course, busted out an impromptu chord melody arrangement on the spot.  It's that level of freedom that we strive for, where one can play whatever comes into their head, and create harmony on the spot. The beauty of this book is that it can be studied in a extremely musical way, which is not often the case when we begin seeking mastery and resort to scales, arpeggios, and other mechanical practice things, while still bringing us along to that point of complete flow with chord melody.

Like many guitarists, I have gone though periods of intense practice. Yet I often struggle with the discipline of daily practice toward a goal.  If I look back to what I could have achieved over the past 10 years since I bought this book by simply practicing one example per day, I would have made tremendous progress.  But without being clear on what to practice or having a motivator, I often end up just fiddling around.   So I've started a new site,  to bring guitarists together in the study of this magnificent book, and to honor Ted's legacy by hopefully inspiring more guitarists to get into this book, as I'm quite sure Ted did not go to all this effort to have his book sit on our shelves collecting dust, and for masses of guitarists to not even know of it's existence. 

The site is purely a donation, there is nothing being sold whatsoever, no mailing list, no registration, no advertisement revenue, and it will stay that way.  Check it out and dust off that book with me. Please let me know your comments, suggestions or whatever else. Also, I'd like to direct people to buy the book from whatever this site's preferred vendor is, so please let me know.  I'm hoping it will help boost some sales of Ted's book, that is, hoping that the funds are going to somebody who will protect and perpetuate his incredible legacy.


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That's a really cool idea, looking forward to it !


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Good luck Ian!

He's at:



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Thanks so much Leon and earsoup!

It's a work in progress so any feedback so that it can be most useful to everybody is welcome. 

I hope I may inspire a few of you to dust off your copy and get to work!   The beauty of the site is that it makes me do just that and I'm naturally inclined to laziness and lack of follow through...maybe some of you can relate.  Massive improvement is in store with a simple daily habit of getting inside one of the beautiful progressions.    Little steps toward mastery, slow and steady wins the race.

The book is filled with hidden treasures and inspiring beauty.   

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