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Posts: 940
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Once again a reminder - The April newsletter containing new info and lessons is posted.  Also another video!  B.

Notice the new order of topics????

Barbara Franklin

Posts: 1,773
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Thanks for the new video clip....great stuff.  For those who never studied with Ted, these videos show his teaching style and provides a window to his personality and depth of musical understanding.  Funny how Ted was playing solo lines using a dime for a pick, and after a while couldn't stand the clicking noise it made and reverted back to fingers.  Also interesting to note that the way Ted is sitting on the floor is the exact leg position that sitar players use when playing.  Hmmm...maybe Ted was a master sitarist in a past life....

Just wondering if anyone has found the "Our Love is Here to Stay" pages I posted to be helpful?  I appreciate the feedback, comments, and suggestions. 
Right now I'm working on "Danny Boy"  (not Ted's recorded version, but his arrangement for students).  What a great piece!   If anyone is particularly interested in me writing up one of these compilation pages for a specific Ted arrangement, please let me know.  Ideally, I'd like to do all of them, but there's a lot and I have to be selective.

Also of interest:  anyone who belongs to the YJGG (Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group), someone posted Ted's "Over the Rainbow" arrangement with standard notation and TAB in their "Files Archive" section under Arrangements/Ted Greene.  Check it's well done.  I also posted a compilation of this arrangement, but didn't write up the complete notation for Ted's chords.


Posts: 66
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Hi Paul
I have not had time to work on Our Love Is Here To Stay but your sheets are ALWAYS very helpfull.  I would always rather see visually how the melody fits over the chords. It makes it so much easier to learn.  My request is Summertime.
Keep it up  - please - much appreciated

M Semmler

Posts: 121
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Barbara and Paul, once again - thank you so much!  This is such a treasure, and I so look forward to each new page that we turn. Paul, your arrangements of Ted's charts into something that we are more accustomed to seeing is more than helpful.  I have gotten fairly savvy at decifering Ted's arrangments, but now and again I have a bumpy ride of it.  Your arrangements help me make sense of it all.  I so appreciate your taking the time to do this for us.  I know it must take quite a bit of your time to do, and it isn't as if you benefit a great deal since you already play the stuff, but it is just invaluable to us online types that never had the opportunity to learn from Ted up close and personal.  I have learned so much since this site began, and my playing seems to progress daily.  Every time my son returns home from college he is surprised at how much better I sound!  By the way, I have been playing fingerstyle guitar for about forty years, so for him to hear progress is a real reward!  Thank you again, and Paul - my request would be for, "They Can't Take That Away From Me."  I love Ted's version of it!  Thanks again,


Posts: 100
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Ted truly lives on through this website-forum. Thanks so much!

Posts: 1,773
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Hi Mark,
I've added compilation pages of Ted's "They Can't Take That Away From Me" in the From Students section.
Check it out, and thanks for making this inspired me to get this tune down. of my favorites now.
Oh yes, I've added two extra pages, one for a fill at the end of the Bridge, another for the tag ending.  Note that I misspelled "Suggestion" at the top of the page....I missed the "t" somehow...Oh well!


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