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There's a new book (actually in Kindle format only at the present) about George Van Eps:

Steve Herberman was involved in getting this published. Here is what he wrote:

I have some amazing news for jazz fans and players! There is a new book on chordal giant George Van Eps that was just published as a Kindle edition on Amazon for only $5.99. The book was written by Harrison Stephens who was a friend of GVE.

This is a first for me, being partially responsible for a book being published. About a month ago I read an old article in a small California newspaper which mentioned that a book was being written about Van Eps in the late 80’s early 90’s. The book was never published. I contacted the family of the late author who had to locate the book by asking different family members. Low and behold there was one copy that was found, and kindly copied and sent to me a few weeks ago.

I believe that the family had forgotten about the book but became re-enthused about it after my excitement over it. I encouraged them to get it published at least as a Kindle edition but also as a print edition. The family is working on a print on-demand situation, more details to follow. But for now this beautiful book, mostly in George Van Eps' own words, is available. Get your copy of Guitar Man: The Story Of George Van Eps as soon as possible, it is a GREAT read!!

This fantastic book, mostly in George Van Eps' own words, is a must-have book for any jazz fan especially jazz guitar or guitar/music in general. Van Eps was an amazing man whose talents went far beyond music. He invented the archtop 7 string guitar, was a watchmaker, a pilot, built airplanes and made the smallest working steam locomotive ever built after 8 years of intense research and work.

George Van Eps was the father of the jazz guitar right after Eddie Lang and played fantastic improvised multi-line harmonic inventions well into his 80's. He wrote some of the most influential harmonic material on guitar technique called Harmonic Mechanisms For Guitar. He inspired many great guitarists such as Allan Reuss, Freddie Greene, Bucky Pizzarelli, Art Ryerson, Joe Pass, Lenny Breau, Ted Greene, and Ed Bickert to name just a few. His warmth and humor really comes across in this terrific book that is expertly written by author Harrison Stephens. I feel that the friendship between the two men is the main reason Van Eps was so candid and natural in these informal interview sessions. Again this book is a must for fans of guitar, jazz and harmony.

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