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I would always be Ted's last lesson because of my teaching & playing schedule.  So, like around 8:30 or 9 we would start. 

I was always prepared and if I showed up early I would wait in the back room of his apartment and just trip out on all the baseball cards, unopened cds, board cool.

I would have a standard tune ready and Ted would always ask me, "What key do you want that in?"...then he would go on and explain the original key if it was different from the chart.  Then he would explain the history of the tune, when it came out, what movie it was from etc...just all this additional information that he stored!  A-mazing.

We would both be pretty tired and as we tried to stay focused on the chart or Wes chord solo that I was having trouble with...we would talk about all sorts of things.  Women, people, the world, colors, guitars, food, music...

Ted always made me feel like I was on the right track.  Now when I play, sometimes I really hope he can somehow hear me. 

Thanks, Jeff.

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  I am learning from a man who was a student of Ted's, and I can certainly sense the lineage of some of his teaching materials.  One thing that is most common though, is being so kind and gentle that even when he is correcting something that I have gotten wrong, he finds something right in it.  People like these are so rare, and it is nice to know that while you are playing and learning, while you are in one of your most vulnerable states (the creative one), you can sense you're in good hands and that he won't let anything happen to you.  I am a very satisfied student, and I know that Ted would be pleased as well.  Understand, my instructor isn't a "Ted Clone," I suspect Ted would hate that - he is his own very talented teacher who has surely benefited from studying with Ted.  Happy New Year to all, and thank you for all that you do.


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I remember first seeing 'Chord Chemistry' in the music store around the time I bought my first guitar in New Orleans about '77. There was this guy covered in hair with all these beautiful guitars around him. I first began hearing about Ted a few years later from my teacher, Hank Mackie. Hank turned me on to a few cuts from Ted's album and, of course, it just beautifully boggled the mind. A few years later, Hank and Phil DeGruy (who had previously also been a student of Hank's) told me about their trip to visit Ted. I remember both of them talking about Ted with such reverance. I went out and bought SNS vol 1, eventually vol 2, (not like I mastered anything, but, wanting to be OCD thorough, and all). I have worked with those books for years and still find them rich beyond description. I recently re-bought Modern Chord Progressions (1st one disappeared) and finally bought Chord Chemistry (it only took 30yrs!). I read from them religiously and think they are truly works of art. I only recently discovered Ted's web site and feel so fortunate to also have access to the multitude of lessons available. (Immense thanks to Barbara Franklin, et al) I have enjoyed reading some of the blogs, as well, as they've allowed me to get an idea of what an incredible human Ted Greene was.  The videos I've recently seen on youtube are great also, as I'd never seen him perform or heard him teach. He's clearly a brilliant, gentle soul (to understate it). I would love to get a copy of any dvd's and would be glad to pay for them. I had always said that a dream would be to travel to Calif and take a lesson with Ted Greene. When I read of his passing online I was greatly saddened and feel for those close to him. Words really can't express what I receive from listening to Ted and working with his books, and the beautiful thing is, its all right there for anyone willing to put in the effort, and it will always be there through his teachings and those who continue to perpetuate his music and celebrate his life...
thanks for making this available,
Michael Susano


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Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome here!

I didn't know Phil DeGruy visited Ted in the 1970s. Was Phil still playing 6-string guitar in those years?

Dan Sawyer, friend of Ted's.

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I don't think Phil was playing guitarp yet, but, I do remember taking a lesson with him after he recently received his first guitarp from the luthier Jimmy Foster. Phil lived not far from my parents.  Very funny, very eccentric cat. I remember walking in his house and, at one point, he stopped and pointed up at the ceiling to a huge phallus hanging off of a light fixture and said, "the utility company is trying to screw us..."  His style really reflects the person, too, I think.  I'm not certain, but I think it was early 80's, maybe '83. Phil's and Hank's trip to visit Ted might have been early 80's as well. it gets a little foggy after all these years... I do clearly remember Phil having tremendous respect for Ted, however.
thanks for the reply.


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I remember getting on a waiting list to study with Ted when I was unemployed. I took one lesson (or maybe two) and fortunately I recorded that one, where we talked a little and then Ted showed me some stuff on "All the Things You Are". I could have made a lifetime study of that one lesson! Unfortunately, I got a job and didn't have the time to pursue the lessons, after having waited on the list. I only learned of his death two years later from Jim Carlton. Chord Chemistry is like a bible, I've bought it and given as a gift to a couple of people. I still have a few sheets of stuff Ted gave out in lessons, it's more stuff like the book, but not from the book. Talk about going the extra mile! Ted really gave of himself in lessons, it wasn't just a way to earn money to him.
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