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Hello Again

I have uploaded another Ted Greene DVD. This time it is the 1993 Musician's Institute Seminar and the 1980 Session With The Stars videos.

To download, go to

If you need instructions on how to download or burn this file, please see the thread offering the Seashell download. I posted a link that gives instructions on how to use the file and many people have also given great help in that thread.

Another warning, the file is large and may take several hours to download even on high speed connections.

If anybody gets around to making an index on what Ted talks about on this DVD, please post it here and I will also post is as a text file with the DVD.



Posts: 940
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Hi Jonathan,  I have no idea how complicated it is to make these DVDs of Ted available, but I'm sure it's no cakewalk.  Thank you so very much for your time and effort on Ted's behalf.   Barbara

Barbara Franklin

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Thanks, Jonathan, for making this available in cyberspace!
Great that Ted's music and teachings are reaching more and more people.


Posts: 86
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Well thank you Jonathan for taking the time and effort to share these dvds

Posts: 28
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Got it! Thanks Jonathan.

Posts: 19
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Awesome! Thanks a ton! I've been waiting forever to see this!

Posts: 2
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I was watching Ted at the Musicians Institude Seminar 1993 on youtube and his take on keys and his approach to composition blew my mind. Yet it seems only the first 50 minutes of the seminar are available. Is there more recorded, on sale or otherwise?

I see this thread is super-old but I would just love to see the entire seminar, the first part was so amazing.

Posts: 88
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Welcome on this site Guy 😉
You have also on  you tube " Ted Greene archives ".
By exemple:

Nothing but music.

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Hi Michel. Thank you for the reply. I first found Ted's videos on youtube some years ago, I watched them in awe,mostly for enjoyment, but I lacked the theoretical background and language to understand his teachings. Recently I've been studying more, and then came back to Ted's videos. His discussion on keys and how to include non-diatonic notes in chords brought greater clarity to my understanding of the guitar and music in general. Maybe it is elementary, but it is always a good sign of a breakthrough when the previously opaque crystallizes into the obvious. It is like standing on a mountaintop just to view a vast range of other mountains you need to climb.

I think Ted's clinic at the Musician's Institute is unique in that he was expecting a more intimate workshop setting where the students all had their guitars, more of a teaching opportunity than a performance. Instead he was onstage in front of a large audience, where the organizers didn't even set up a microphone for questions. It seems to me that the incongruency shows us a different side of Ted in action as a teacher, a different energy and approach to teaching to the average music student's level rather than a specific student or group including many professional musicians. I love his explanations and sense of humor, and that he plays his guitar almost the entire period before the first intermission break.

The first break is at roughly 50 minutes and I am hungry to see it all. I dug further on youtube and
and found some more pieces:

0:50:27 - 0:56:41 "Send In The Clowns"
0:58:59 - 1:04:16 "God Bless the Children"
1:05:56 - 1:15:14 Original Improvisation (youtube title, "noodling")
1:36:05 - 1:41:23 "Like Someone In Love"
1:41:52 - 1:47:53 "Eleanor Rigby", then Ted starts announcing the second break (? - cut)

Unfortunately any remaining teaching discussion I cannot find.
I would love to find the entire recording.

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Hey guys, 
Someone did a complete transcription of Ted's MI seminar.
You can find it in our "Transcription" section. Find it under "Musician's Institute Seminar"

Here's  direct link:

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