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Posts: 940
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The March Newsletter is now posted!

There is LOTS of new and interesting information
AND some great new LESSON MATERIAL.

It is my wish that you will all like something here this month.
(I'm quite sure you will)

Enjoy!! as always, Barbara

Barbara Franklin

Posts: 100
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Hey Barbara- great job, as always on the monthly lessons. I'm sure i speak for everyone when I say that what you do by making this information available is so greatly appreciated that I can't even express how much it means to me. Ted was such a wealth of knowledge, and I regret not ever being able to study with him- this website and forum make it seem as though I almost do know him. Thanks you once again, and i really want to be put on the list for the wedding DVD- if thats OK?

Posts: 66
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Thanks again Barbara for the wonderful material
There is so much knowledge in each page! I really appreciate and always look forward to the material you (and others) post each month. 

We should all do everything we can to keep this site alive and growing!!

Your comment about the "desire for tangible items is fading" is certainly true.  I notice it with my kids (18 & 22).  However I believe we can make a difference through our appreciation and our expression of value of the material that Ted has developed.  My daughter is an artist and when she sees Ted's lesson sheets (even though she does not play guitar) she says "They are works of art".  It is as though something of the spirit of the man is transferred through the marks on the page.  I would like to express my personal value of the material we get from this site.  I check each day and look forward to the beginning of each month for the newsletter.  I have printed out evey page and bound them in books.  I refer to them every chance I get to play.  They are among my treasured possessions because I can sense the wealth & depth of knowledge and creativity in them.

Thanks again for your "labor of love".


M Semmler

Posts: 321
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Hi Barbara,

It has always crossed my mind:  What would archeologists find and learn hundreds of years from now, about our little 'Qumran Community', about anything, if everything stayed digitized? 

Very early on, I printed out, in color, and bound the entire Ted Greene website including the forums, just in case it went away.  I still write notes in the margins and there are many post-its marking the pages.  Barbara, I really appreciate your efforts in making these precious gems available.

My Heart-Felt Thanks!


P.S.  Just a footnote on J.S. Bach's birthday, which happens on the 21st of this month.  Pianist John Bayless could improvise in the style of Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, Chopin (whose birthday was yesterday) and released an album in 1985 titled "Happy Birthday Bach!", in which he improvises the song "Happy Birthday" in various ways ala Bach on Side A, and on Side B, Mozart, Beethoven, Gershwin, etc., get a crack at it.  It's loads of fun!  I was always trying to surprise Ted with something new when I would go to visit him!  He already had the album!  John Bayless' follow-up album was "Bach Meets The Beatles".  Small world!

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STAZZ MUSIC Productions
Specializing in fingerstyle guitar transcription and engraving.


Posts: 121
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Barbara, I am involved in the magic community as well, and the sentiments about 'tangible items' have been voiced in regards to the magic record as well.  The 'secrets' of magic used to be held very closely, and earned at the tutelage of a master.  When the door of the 'net began to open, the available information was seen as treasure.  As you said, the information has less and less value as time goes by, but part of the reason is that the information given by 'wanna be's' rather than by someone who knows what they're talking about.  Among those who value Ted's music and his legacy, there will always be one place to go for the real information - right here. I cannot imagine the information here seeming less valuable, for it is absolute treasure.  The folk on this forum wait from month to month to see what is available, either in added recorded music or Ted's lesson sheets.  My notebook is what I use in conjunction with the lesson sheets I receive from my teacher.  I work on things that he and I are working on, and then I go through the Ted Greene notebook.  Thank you for this information, and thanks as well for the upcoming CD - it is one more thing about which we can be excited.
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