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I had the incredible good fortune of taking lessons from Ted over two entended periods of time. The first was in the 70s when he was working out of Dale's guitar store on Topanga Canyon in Canoga Park. I still have the dog-eared sheets of paper with red chord stamps strewn across the pages. Later, in the mid to late 80s, I took lessons from Ted at his Encino apartment. Over the course of several years, he took me from a very rudimentary understanding of music to a much deeper appreciation of a wide range of musical styles. One minute we'd be talking ecstatically about Chuck Berry and the next minute the topic would melt into a Bach fugue. The lessons ended when I moved out of state. What a wonderful and inspirational teacher! Every note I play is influenced by what he taught me. I often find myself in a dialogue with him when I play. It broke my heart when I learned of his death from the LA Times obituary. About a week after Ted's death, I had a very moving experience. I was driving north on the 101 from Los Angeles and toward the West Valley. I hadn't taken this route in many years. Of course, as I approached Encino I was flooded with memories of Ted. Then something odd occurred. Just as I drove alongside his apartment, which was adacent to this section of the 101, the opening phrases of God Only Knows came on the radio. This was one of the last tunes Ted and I had worked on before I moved. I was overwhelmed by this coincidence. I felt as if Ted was sitting next to me. Yes, I know it's a weird story and not entitled to any particular credence. But it happened & I felt it powerfully. Well, Ted was amazing and will always be part of my life.

An former student,



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What an excellent story. I never had the pleasure of meeting Ted, but I bought that album probably soon after it was available, and have listened to it constantly over the years. the new remaster is great, and this site is great. Very inspirational.
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