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Hi folks new to the forum....great site ! are there any recordings available of The lessons posted on the Ted Greene website ?
stuart abrams

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Hi Stuart,
This is a good question, and would be a great asset for learning the material in another way.
Currently we don't have much directly related to the lesson sheets.  It would have been great if Ted made some himself, but he didn't.
I don't think anyone feels qualified to step into Ted's shoes and say, "This is how Ted intended this or that to sound." So your request is a big order to say the least.  Ted could take a simple chord progression or exercise and make it sound like so much more than the printed page provides.  One good example of that is the "A Session with the Stars" video & handout sheets.  Another page you can follow along with is Ted's reharmonization examples for "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that we've just posted in the Video section (California Vintage Guitar seminar 12-14-2003) with the page in the "Arrangements" section and a compilation page in my "From Students" section.

There are a few individuals who have made some YouTube videos relating to some of Ted's lessons and arrangements.  Tim Lerch has done fine job on recording a few of the blues pages that we've posted.  Another person began a project of recording examples from Ted's book, Modern Chord Progressions - but I don't know how long he kept it up or if it is still in the works.  And Mike de Luca has made a couple nice recordings.
Occasionally you'll find Ted demonstrating or discussing a lesson sheet in the recorded lessons with Mark Levy or Kevin Griffin in our Audio section.

We welcome anyone to make videos for YouTube.  We'll be happy to post links to those in the Forums, or if someone does several perhaps we could created a "From Students" folder to house all of these links.


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Thanks for the response Paul. I discovered Tim Lerch's Youtubes...awesome resource for a couple of lessons. He seems more than qualified to record this material. Perhaps we could raise some funds on the site and commission Tim to have at it.
stuart abrams
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