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Klaus Lendzian (October 3, 1943 - April 15, 2009)


For those who have known Klaus, he passed away last month from his battle with cancer.  I only spoke with Klaus (right in the photo) a couple of times over the phone last year after a mutual friend, James Hensperger (left in the photo), mentioned he knew Ted.  Klaus met Ted in the late 60’s at a café on Sunset Blvd.  They would get together to jam frequently. 


After Klaus moved to Seattle, Washington, he switch exclusively to nylon string guitar, raised in pitch and requiring a special gauge of strings to be used.  Klaus, a man of modest means, living a rather reclusive life dedicated only to writing, recording, and performing his brand of fingerstyle guitar music (a hybrid of classical, flamenco, and jazz).  Klaus is another I have heard the term “genius” applied to in regards to his approach to music with the guitar.


For more information, there is a memorial page posted here.

It mentions he has 25 recordings.  I am only aware of 23!  For those who are interested, I will post information on where you might find any of these recordings.


Here is a clip posted on YouTube by Diane Schulstad, a friend of Klaus, the day he passed.  Klaus is playing “Norweign Wood Variations” at the Stumbling Goat:



Ted mentions Klaus in his acknowledgements in “Modern Chord Progressions” and both volumes of “Jazz Guitar, Single Note Soloing” where Ted writes, “And some have had a direct influence on these books being written.  For instance, Klaus Lendzian, who took the time to help me tune into certain melodic conceptions which had been just beyond my grasp for years.”


If you knew Klaus, please share your recollections with us.

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Specializing in fingerstyle guitar transcription and engraving.


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I did not know Klaus, and I know this is a very old post, but I wanted to share kind of a cool tidbit. 

My guitar teacher was very close with Klaus and inherited one of Klaus' guitars after he passed away, wonderful scalloped nylon string that I have heard being played so many times. I recently purchased Modern Chord Progressions and almost jumped out of my seat when I saw Ted mention Klaus Lendzian. Such a small world! 

Also, I see that this is Nick Stasinos, I can't thank you enough for posting on youtube some of your lessons with Ted from 21 years ago! Been watching "Ted Greene Guitar Lesson- Watch What Happens" at least 3 times a week for the past month or two! 


Best wishes


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For anyone interested, I have just converted my vinyl of Stillpoint: Tales Without Words (what I believe was Klaus' first record) to digital format and have uploaded it to Youtube. So little is on the internet about Klaus! Here's the link to the album! 



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Thank you for doing this transfer and for sharing it with us. 
Very nice playing!


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I enjoyed listening to that, there were some parts that reminded me of Jorge Morel's music. Thanks!
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