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A Note Away From Satori


You’re the always will have no can’t refuse to already learned that..and learned it well…ohh when I finish this next exercise I will be a musician/doctor/lawyer/Indian is no next exercise..

So ted greene asked me..what do you mean by jazz? if I know that..I wouldn’t want lessons..I thought of ted jumped started and played the first three chords in C major in fourth intervals..It was the essence of every jazz guitarist I ever heard…Yes I said..thats it..Ted is a thin lanky guy who can play chords on a Fender Telecaster that are impossible for mortals..well not he kept telling me for the two years I studied with him..with determination and can too..

It just twelve notes..western music that is..Its called the chromatic scale..and from it came every song and piece of music played sung written recorded going back to Greece and all that stuff..and every year new music is created. So for those of us who get infected with a creative gene that wont leave you alone..what do you do..

Diatonic harmony..its the major scale and the embedded chords in it..thats the easy way to see it..its also patterns..circles within circles..going in two directions at once..playing in several keys at the same time..playing a melody without playing the melody..and the listener hears the melody..nice trick eh…

So you had a GTO ..said was fast and all that..and we talked about cars..ted is playing some Bach while he is talking to me..we aren’t talking about last weeks lesson or do I have any questions on altered chords..yep 389 cubes in that baby..must be nice ted says..ok when do we do guitar/music stuff..did you always go fast with it he asked..well no..not last weeks chord study..ohh I fumble through several chords and miss some notes…STOP..ted should and can play that lesson without any errors..why are you missing some chords..not enough practice..I hoped that was the right answer..your going to fast..there is no reason to go fast yet..if you can’t play it slow you can’t play it like a law of physics or something he what do you do I played the exercise very slowly..and all the notes rang you know what harmonic enrichment is..he said..he knew I didn’t..god he comes at you from all directions..ok its like your 389 engine..its nice and all..but you want to punch it up a you can change the cam shaft and get 10 more if we have a C major 7’s nice and all does what it’s supposed to..we can play a C major 9 instead..and he plays the chords and shows me the difference and why they are different and the different ways and positions to play the chord and what chords to play before and after the C major 9..and then says..ok now what if you add a larger carb in addition to the cam shaft..and my eyes must have been glowing..he played a C major 13..and said..ok now you create the chords before and after the C major 13..and he gave me some pages of chords to work on for the next lesson..and we talked about cars some more while he played the chords he showed me in some nice progressions..I  keep getting the feeling he is going to tell me to wax his car or paint his house next..



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Thanks for the post.  In my humble opinion it is beautiful.



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Great analogy !
Beautifully written !!
Wonderful remembrance !!!

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Cuban ethnomusicology

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Great story ! Using parabols or analogies is the essence of great masters, makes everything click much faster in the student's mind.
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