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Posts: 51
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Hello all

The films on the site are wonderful....I especially enjoy watching Ted play "Send in the clowns" fact it brought a tear to my eye the other night as I watched that video...I was in a very sentimental mood.

If you are a viewer of Youtube video's you will notice that I have uploaded most of these videos to the You Tube service. My Nickname is Eigthstring. There is another person called Deparko that has uploaded the other videos, and I have noticed his name mentioned frequently in this forum. Thank you D.

Of course prior to uploading these videos, I asked Barbara for permission and she graciously accepted.

The videos have been viewed by many...but to be frank with you...I am a little disappointed as to the view rate. There are videos of minor players, that can't tie Ted's shoes laces when it comes to playing the guitar, that are having hit rates of over a million views.

Ted is and was a genius and I miss his music and "personage" (I'm French) very much

There is nothing to gain financially by viewing these videos, but it's cool to see that these videos are available to all....I think it would be nice if the hit rate doubled or even tripled. I have a dream...


Posts: 940
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How does one go about making that happen?
Barbara Franklin

Posts: 51
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Here are the links to Ted's videos on Youtube

I guess the dream is that the videos are so popular that there are millions of's not important, but I know my son of 16 years olds, realizes that Ted is as much of a monster guitar player as his idol Jimi Hendrix...exposure...I guess.

Posts: 234
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Yes YouTube is very bizarre as what is viewed hundreds of thousands of times (and sometimes very and what is only seen a few hundred times and PURE GENIUS.

It has puzzled me tremendously (an no I am not referring to my dumb videos, they are not really worth watching as the sound is so bad on every single one of them... LOL)

Maybe it is that the subject is Jazz guitar which is as we know not the worlds most popular genre for most kids. As Ted would often say "It would not stimulate the male hormones" as it would someone playing with a fuzz box and shredding to something aggressively...

Just a thought???


Dan Sindel (your humble webmaster)

Posts: 111
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We can watch the videos of Ted and be touched - what matter what anyone else is watching?

Let's hope everyone enjoys the videos they do watch as much as we like watching Ted...

I know I'm old and cranky... but I've learned that people like what they like... and it's OK.


Posts: 51
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This is an example of what I mean.......

My hero! You live on!

5timesstray (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
Thanks so much for sharing this example of a truely gifted guitarist.
Ted is and will always be an ispiration to millions. His low-profile demeanor and humble spirit could not keep him from becoming famous on his own terms. With just one album and two books, his gift was discovered and the " famous " guitarists flocked to him to learn more.
His stay on this plane of existance was brief, but he lives on forever in the vibrations of the universe.


zynnetrix (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
Sadly more like an inspiration to very few people. I doubt there are `millions' that know or even heard about this phenomenal guitarist and great human being! But we can all spread the word & the music. - After all, Bach was nearly forgotten once too..

5timesstray (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
Yes, Zynne, I suppose I exagerated there. I do wonder how many Chord Chemistry books were sold ? And even of those, how many actually sought out recordings of Ted. The internet will help us spread the joy we all experience when we listen to one of Teds arrangemenets ;>

JustAGuitarPlayer (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
to 5timesstray, I saw that you only mentioned 2 books. He actually authored 4 books, chord chemistry, modern chord progressions and jazz single note soloing volumes 1&2. I had the pleasure of taking lessons from Ted in the early 80's. He was such a kind person and an amazing guitarist. The one record he recorded fortunately is available now on CD. It's one of my favorite records of all time. Absolutely beautiful music played by someone who breathed emotion into every note. Ted, we all miss you.

5timesstray (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
I do have chord chemistry and modern chord progressions and my BF has the actual L.P. album of Ted's ( he bought it in 1979 );>

I didn't know about Ted until 2002 when I met my BF.

Lucky you to have taken lessons from such a man as Ted

JustAGuitarPlayer (1 month ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
The other two books are excellent too! You should check them out. I have the original record too but was thrilled to see it released as a CD. I found out about Ted in 1978 or 79, got his number and got on his waiting list for lessons and eventually was fortunate to take many lessons back in those days. I also took some from Lenny Breau. They were both great. I hope more people hear Ted's playing even though he's no longer with us. He was one of the most musical guitarists ever on the planet.

davidrattray (2 months ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
Ted was and is still an inspiration to us all...without him I wouldn't have met some very special people....I owe this man a lot...

eggie62 (2 months ago) 0 Reply | Remove | Block User | Spam
Damn, this brings tears to my eyes for so many different reasons,

Posts: 17
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Ron,       I know exactly what you mean as does anyone who is on this forum I'm sure.
                     I find that in teaching my improv class at McGill for example In addition to helping the students play say Angel Eyes  I also have to tell them who Matt Dennis was,  his connection to Tommy Dorsey as his pianist and through that to Frank Sinatra.  Sadly to most people[and I'm speaking of music students  in a sense the cogncenti  or at least they want to be] Angel Eyes is just a tune in a fake book.     The fact that there is more to this and that we know this, feel this, have lived this is what makes the artistic experience deep for us, and we know that Ted Greene had a great appreciation for the music created by humans   and was actively spreading his knowledge.   This is part of the "social contract" of the artist with society and Ted was a great "spreader of the word"      [man !!can I coin a phrase ]      Kidding aside I mean in the larger sense of beyond just teaching his instrument.   In a small way we all do this.
 When I get down about things such as you've mentioned[ and I do on occasion]
 It helps to remember that we are part of a great tradition of  human musical endeavor and both as musicians and in just being aware and sensitive to the art and culture and, "passing it on" which can refer to just telling people about our great artists and tradition.       Unrelated to the consumer society designs of the "Music Business"  
                    It's fantastic that we can now all hook up in cyberspace.


Posts: 1,773
Reply with quote  #8 
Hi Greg,
I agree with your thoughts about understanding the tradition of the music.  In regards to Angel Eyes, as you mentioned, you can now find Ted's original page in the "Tunes" section of the website.  In addition, I've notated this and posted it in the "From Students" section here:
I think you'll really love Ted's treatment.

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