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My first post here.......back in the late 80's I bought a copy of Chord Chemistry and Modern Chord Progressions off my then guitar teacher. Needless to say I was astounded and amazed by Ted's writings and ideas. Being pre-internet, I had no idea who this bearded man in the garden with his Gibsons was.......His name would pop up in guitar magazines over the years, and I formulated my own idea of the man and his music. 10 years down the track I found a sealed, unplayed copy of Ted's solo LP. At last I could hear his music. I played the album and loved it immediately. I have the album displayed on my wall along with an album by Chet Atkins and Les Paul, and an album by two Australian jazz greats, Don Burrows and George Golla. 

So here I am, pleased and excited to join this forum and support this website.

BTW, I was searching YouTube for Lollar pickup demos and came across a really cool player and person by the name of Tim Lerch.......I figured out the connection between Tim and Ted and was not surprised!!

One of my favourite guitars is a Gibson SG in which I routed out and installed a full set of strat pickups/pots/wiring etc. My friends thought I was crazy, if I wanted a strat sound buy a Strat. But to me an SG is playing perfection so why not put whatever pickups I want in it.....and yes it does sound like a strat. NOT an exact strat sound but like a strat. It sure sounds like Mark Knopfler in the second switch position.....I was pleased to read here that Ted also experimented with guitars and pickups. As musicians we should tailor the instruments to our needs.... 

In closing I want to say that I should have found this site earlier. I would have liked to have known Barbara, albeit online.....

Cheers, Pete from Oz

Posts: 244
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Hi Peter:

Welcome to the best guitar forum on the web (IMHO).  It's a great place, full of great people.  Things have been a little subdued lately since we lost Barbara, who was a treasure, but we can be a lively bunch.  Thanks for your support, and I look forward to hearing more from you!

David Bishop
Tucson, AZ

Posts: 1,773
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Welcome Pete!
I echo David's comments and hope that you feel free to participate in the Forum discussions and take in all of Ted's lessons material that is being posted. 
Dive in and drink deep!
It sounds like you have somewhat of an expertise in the electronic side of guitar modifications, and you'll be a good resource for those subjects.


Posts: 251
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Hi Pete,
Glad to know my vids pointed you in this direction. I'm sure you will be a very happy camper with all the site has to offer.
all the best

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