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I am new hear and wanted to give thanks for this site, I just found Ted's music and was amazed only to be further moved by his teachings and personality.  

My question is about Fretlight guitars (the ones that light up).  I am interested in using this a serious learning tool through Ted's teachings.  I found out that you can custom program progessions and fingerings (through guitar pro 6).  I am interested in using this rather than having to look at the computer and teds tiny charts all the time and possible an easier way to find chords and scales am wondering what you/Ted  think of fretlight?  Please know I am certainly willing to learn the old fashioned way just thought this might be more useful to me and any feedback is appreciated and if you need anymore info from me I am happy to share.


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I dont know anyone using or having used I cant really say what you'd walk away with going that route. For me, i know that would never worked..  I can say the obvious though...if the computer screen hurts yours eyes - you should probably print out the lessons. If ted's hand is too small - rewrite it yourself jumbo size. You get out what you put in. Remember, fretlight will tell you WHERE to put your fingers - but it's incapable of explaining WHY.

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One of my students brought a fret light guitar in and it was absolutely the worst guitar I have ever played. It was impossible to tune, had horrible action and just sounded bad. He wasn't able to benefit from the frets lighting up because the playing experience was so unpleasant. Do yourself a favor get a good quality guitar that is set up properly and print out TGs pages and spend a lot of time with them, his charts and approach will grow on you and soon you will be very happy to look at the grid pages and play what this genius left for us to learn.
All the best

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Good question and I'm glad you asked.  Ted was very keen on setting guitars up well.  From knowing him, as others have noted here, he would probably not want to add another 'layer' between you and the playing.  In the 'From Students' section all of Paul V.'s pages, and many others as well, have enlarged the diagrams to make them easier to read.  We all have that problem at first, but there is value in just figuring out what the box is telling you, separately from what is in the box.

In any event, Ted would want you on the easiet-to-play in-tune guitar you could get if you were just starting.  Nothing against fretlight, however. I use GP6 for myself on occassion and like it.

And since Tim wont mention it, I will. Tim has some sensational video lessons of Ted material on Youtube.  ck those out too. (I'm a fan of his Fender Excelsior Amp test as well.)

Which pages are giving you a headache specifically?


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Thanks for the replies everyone, was this guitar a newer fretlite? Just wondering because maybe QC has gotten better. Hi Leon its
not some much the pages as just getting the fretlite as a means of convience. The more I think it through I am leaning towards not getting the fretlite but that gp software is pretty remarkable.
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