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Posts: 1,763
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Hey guys,
The February Newsletter and New items are now up.  Great stuff.

The final installation of "An Afternoon with Ted" audio tracks is now up.  It's complete.  Sorry we had to spread the posting of this over three months, but it was necessary to get all the files ready. Now that it is up be sure to tell your friends and students about it.
We haven't heard hardly any comments in these Forums about the recordings.  I'm interested in your reactions to these tracks.
Hope you enjoy and find something useful to your playing.


Posts: 197
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Wonderful thanks!

Yes I've listened to the new audio tracks, it's really cool to have new stuff to enjoy/learn from. Much appreciated.


Posts: 79
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Thanks for the new audio. Really enjoying the beautiful arrangements especially Love with the Proper Stranger and (Back Home Again in) Indiana. 


Posts: 50
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another great news letter, and more info to review....loving this counterpoint.....He really covered it all....thanks so much Paul and the others who are and have contributed to this site.....

Posts: 332
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I listened to some of the tracks and they were great.  But then they fade out before Ted is done and I think, Wait!  Keep going!  Did Ted start talking over his playing or something and that is the reason for the fade out?  Anyway, thank you for posting them.

Posts: 1,763
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The tracks were edited by Phil deGruy and George Winston from the original cassette tape.  
I assume they cut them off because Ted starting talking or stopped abruptly, or whatever.  
Yes, I agree - I would love to hear the complete unedited "lesson" like Mark Levy's tapes.  But I am grateful that we have these.  Hopefully with more to come.


Posts: 453
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A long time ago (when barb was alive) I wrote Paul V. an email about his efforts for all of us here.  I found it recently and felt like thanking him again.  I post an excerpt here, without Paul's OK, but with great thanks.
Those Paul Transcriptions . . .

Your gems are so valuable, and so durable - the durability a wonderful by-product of the web.  Its great to think, no, KNOW, that 14 years from now, someone neither of us knows, perhaps in a country that doesn't even exist yet, will pull out your gift and give it to a kid who was only born last year, and light another little fire around a bit of beauty. 

And that will probably be happening  again around 2308, when two guys will be commenting to each other "Geez, can you imagine people doing this for us two hundred years ago?! I wonder what Paul played? What kind of pickups did he use? Do you think he influenced Rmbdzwx Krbdeqwzle?"

Barbara and I have spoken at length, and in confidence, about the intent to give at least ourselves some peace of mind by doing out best for Ted's material.  To at least match Bach's buddies and the preservation of his work - they only had pen and paper!  This site is a big part of it, tho not the only part.  And then here comes Paul creating gifts in the here and now, and then his own legacy from the same spot in the heart as Ted (and other musicians to be fair I'm sure).  And I get a little hopeful for this human race ...

And in the empty spot where Ted was, it gets a bit lighter, a personal gift I thank you for.  And then knowing I can give this to my son, who is 26, but starting to learn chord melody, and I thank you again, and, and, and. 

I apologize if I let myself go here. I guess its the way I really am. 

If you ever got a birthday or Christmas card from Ted you know he could write down the inside and around the back, so I'll use him in my defense. And what the heck - its what I choose to say. 

Its important for me to try and share my gratitude with you and to thank you, if I can, on behalf of players not yet born to acknowledge the gift. 

Anyway,  Thanks, on behalf of myself and the next 7 generations of the White family :}   (I guess I am an optimist in some ways.)

Take care and be well (as Theo would say)

Thanks Paul.  Your body of work speaks for itself.

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