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Wasn't sure where to post so I thought I'd go here.. I'm late to the party. I live in Australia (of American parentage). I've been a composer for a fair while, play a lot of instruments but guitar was my first. I do a lot of recording so I don't really get much time to focus on one thing, but I recently started getting back into playing regularly and got a nice Gretsch hollow body. I was messing with harp harmonics and a friend said the master of them was Ted Greene and I should check some of his stuff. So I Googled Ted and found the youtube channel and then this site. What a discovery!
All of you involved in putting this together should be proud. Barbara, what a great thing to do, continue sharing Ted's genius and how amazing to have shared the music with him, moreso to have been a part of it. Many of us have partners we love who look at a vintage 175 or Tele we've acquired and say, "oh you got another old guitar from somewhere.." (in the lovingest way of course).
That picture of you sitting with all of Ted's guitars is awesome, that and the one with you playing and Ted showing you the fingering.

Ted is so inspiring. I'm practising more than I have in years, so much so that I was complaining to my Dad the other day (who is a retired muso) that my fingers hurt like they first did when I was a kid.
Those videos of his seminars have so much to give, you learn something new from them everytime you watch them. Even though I never knew Ted, I feel like his teachings have touched some musical part of me that other lesson never did. I wish I could have studied with him. I've got 2 of his books now and am hunting the others.
I kinda feel sad that he's gone..even though he is really a total stranger. It's funny, I sat down at the piano today probably for the first time since I discovered Ted's music (been too busy playing guitar) and played 'In a sentimental mood". Discovering Ted's teachings has actually changed the way I play piano.
It seems Ted can be a little addictive once you get exposed to him.
Anyway, thanks for all the efforts.

My fingers hurt.

Andy Evans
Melbourne Australia

Posts: 244
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Welcome, Led!  There's much to learn here, that's for sure!

David Bishop
Tucson, AZ

Posts: 940
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Greetings Led,   Thank you for expressing your appreciation, and a hearty warm welcome! Barbara

Barbara Franklin
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