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Posts: 68
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I know Ted had played and owned a lot of guitars over the years.
I wondered if he owned any gibson ES-175 or have much experience with one?
I would like to hear his comments on the model.


Yours Sincerely.

Koek Wei Chew

Posts: 940
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Ted had a blond ES175 named "Lucia". He loved this particular one because as he said "it was unique because the "pick-ups were towards the headstock." I will try to find a photo for you.

Ted loved ALL his guitars for many different reasons. Ted also had the ability to set up any guitar in order to bring out it's best qualities. Ted "instinctively" knew what these qualities were. Barbara

Barbara Franklin

Posts: 1,763
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At my first lesson with Ted, I brought in my 175.  After a minute of me playing, and without even looking at the my guitar, Ted told me that if I adjusted the screw height on the pickups that it would fix the balance problem. I knew something was wrong with my sound, but I didn't realize that it was related to faulty setup of the pickup screws.  He grabbed a screwdriver and made what I thought were some radical adjustments.  I had all the screws at the same height.  But for brighter, louder high strings and less boom on the low-mids and bottom strings, Ted angled the screws to have the top strings with higher screws, and the bottom strings very low - especially the 4th string screw, which he screwed down about as far as possible.  Gee, so simple, yet no one had ever explained that to me.  Ted heard it in an instant.  The guitar sounded sweet and balanced ever after.   Yeah, Ted knew his gear.


Posts: 289
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Originally Posted by barbarafranklin
Ted had a blond ES175 named "Lucia". He loved this particular one because as he said "it was unique because the "pick-ups were towards the headstock."
That guitar was actually a late 1970s Ibanez. It was a version of the Gibson es-175, but more like an L4-ces. Ted liked it because the neck pickup was located right next to the fingerboard. This gives a fatter and warmer tone.

I would say that Ted liked 175s, but it wasn't his favorite type of archtop jazz guitar. Remember, his orientation was to playing chord-melody style, so some great jazz guitars (like 175s) didn't really work for his style. Ted liked Guild archtops because they had a better chordal balance than a lot of Gibsons. He also loved the Epiphone Deluxe (acoustic) guitar and many others.

Dan Sawyer, friend of Ted's.
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