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Posts: 26
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Hey Tednuts,

i´m playing mainly an Godin SD with a Godin Single Coil Pick up and peavey bandit amp.
Right now i can´t afford fender guitar an amp. 

I wanna approach the Ted sound, so i detune down to D and use thicker Strings 12-54.
But theres a lot of "mud" in the sound, i wonder if there are any settings i can make like lowering the PickUp or something with the bridge to help it. 

Also a Pick up change is something in my mind, but first wanna try to do best with what i have.

Hope that kinda makes sense.

Yours detunefully


Posts: 24
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I don't know anything about your pickups or your amp, so you're on your own there. However, google says the Godin SD has a short(ish) scale length of 24.75". Combine that with tuning down to D, and I'd say you're a little on the light side with the strings. Lowering the pickup might help a bit too. I'm no expert, but I've got 13-54 on my (25.5" scale) tele for standard tuning. I think I remember Tim Lerch saying he uses 14s on his tele for D tuning.

Posts: 251
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Hi Alex,
For my D tuned tele, i use 14-60 with a plain 22 on the G. i think you could probably get away with 13-56 if you just wanted to buy a regular set and change out the G.  if the pickup is  a single coil you probably dont want to lower it. . try the heavier strings and you might get a more vibrant sound. also be willing t tweak the truss rod a bit if you need to and make sure the nut slots arent too small for the heavier strings.
if your sound has some mud you might cut a bit of midrange on your amp settings. or perhaps turn the bass down a bit (depending on the amp)

all the best

Posts: 26
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Hey guys,

thanks a lot for the reply..

I bought a new pick up, DiMarzio 188, the review says it sounds like a vintage PAF, which i dont know.
I lowered the new Pick Up a bit, It´s a really warm and kinda dark tone. Maybe the PU is too low i have to experiment with that. tried to use the 12-54 again and tuned to Eb and checked neck settings.

For now its okay.. Really looking forward to the day i buy my first tele and fender amp..

@tim: really love the combination Tele with the cc lollar PU, such a sweet sound..

thanks again and stay tuned


Posts: 453
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Assuming you're looking for 'what Ted did' kinds of info . . .
Ted had the fender scale, and all of Tim Lerch's info is spot on with my experience.  Ted lowered the pickups WAY down on 'bananas' - his go to tele.  the tops of the dimarzio's were below the tele guard, or right level with it.  then the pole pieces were turned way up, much closer to the strings. 

My recommendation (not Teds):  If your dimarzio is a 4 wire type, connect the coils in parallel instead of series.  This WILL clean it up.  I do that with various Dimarzio's of my own.  No tutorial here, but this works on other dimarzio pups:

Red and white to hot, black and greene  to ground.  the pup is still hum cancelling, still loud, tho not as loud, but much cleaner.  A lot of players don't like this sound - too clean I guess - but I think it works very well for this kind of music. Especially in the neck position. You'll be surprised I think - it even works on their very hot (17K) pups, although the magnets there don't sound good to me.

Please note- wire colors vary by pup maker so don't use these colors as a guide to any other pup.  And I'm assuming Dimarzio hasn't changed their color coding since I bought the last one (several years ago).

Good luck


Posts: 26
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Thank you Leon, i tried the parallel wiring and at first i was sceptic about it but now i love it.. I try to make a Sound sample next Weekend..  

And i also thought about installing a Switch so i can toogle between seriell an parallel, both sounds are interesting.

have a nice week and stay detuned..
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