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All right my friends, the December Newsletter is now up and ready for you.  Come on down!

Just a couple of notes:  
You'll now notice we've added a little flag "New" next to the newly added items that go up each month.  This is so you can quickly find them in the long listing (which continues to grow!).  I for one sure like this feature.

Also, we've added a couple new headers in the different sections:  
    in the "Other" section there's now a separate header for "Original Tunings." 
    in the "Harmony & Theory" section there's a header for "Voice-Leading" (more on this subject will be posted in the coming months and I wanted to group them together).

More headers will be added in the future as needed.  If you have any suggestions for how to group some of these pages we'd love to hear your ideas.  The thought is to make Ted's pages on any given subject easy to find along with all related items grouped together (if possible).

Thanks to Dan Sindel, our "humble webmaster" for another great year helping with all the files and for managing Ted's Facebook page.  He wanted to send his greetings to all for a great holiday season.  Thanks to Matt Lord for his tireless work on a series of Ted's V-2 pages that he transcribed with new diagrams - we'll be seeing these posted in the coming months.  And to David Bishop for his proofreading.

Hope you all enjoy the new material.  Happy holidays!


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Thank you and Happy Holidays to all! [wink]

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Hi Guys,
Just a heads-up on a couple of typos that have been corrected from this months' new items:
"A Foggy Day - Walking Chords Comping" was fixed in measure 4 to change the double-flat C to just a Cb (it's on a Db7 chord).
Thanks to Tim Lerch for catching this boo-boo.

Also, I put up a new version of "Minuet"
It now contains a footnote at the bottom of my new notation (p.2).

Posted years ago is another page of two Bach pieces which also includes this Minuet, and is still credited to Bach. 
Maybe someday we'll notate those two and add the footnote about it actually being a Christian Petzold composition.
Oh, yes....we know it says A miinor (with two i's in the title)....we'll change that soon.

And finally, for you V-System students, the translation page for Ted's V-9 Voicings for the 35 Chord Types (grids) was fixed to correct a grid for #21, G7b9/C no5, the first chord of the group.
Thanks to Gareth Rixton for discovering and reporting this typo.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful Christmas holiday.
We'll have more lessons for you in in the meantime enjoy playing Ted's Christmas arrangements!


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Thanks for all the hard work you guys on the "team" do each month for us.  I am learning so much from Ted.  Much appreciated.
Happy Holidays to all.

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