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Barbara, Mark(s), Paul, everyone;  I just wanted to say thanks from the heart.  I am one of those guys who, growing up in the Midwest were never even (knowingly) close to the orbit of Mr. Greene.  After an all expense paid trip to SE Asia complements of Uncle Sam, I did a long (7 year) tour in Kodiak, Alaska.  Its okay, I needed it.  In any case, I did finally manage to make the West Coast, but by the time this student was ready, my opportunity to learn from Mr. Greene was gone.  You have done such a fine thing here, I hope you have some idea.  You have a warmth inside that comes from having known such a wonderful man, and rather than hoard that warmth, you are sharing freely and openly.  Every one of you knows that guitarists would pay huge money to gain the lessons that you had with Ted Greene, but in keeping with the heart of the master, you are doing as he would wish for you to do - giving it away.  I am not only applauding you because I am one of the recipients of this kindness, I am applauding because Ted Greene's vision and his love will be spread out like that feather on the wind.  Now I DO know what a great teacher he was, what a great man he was, and how much he wanted us each and every one to improve - because you were kind enough to show me.  Thank you so much.




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Thanks so very much for your sensitive and tender words.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"
Henry Brooks Adams - American Historian - author (1838-1918)

I saw this quote and thought about what it means and that on some high level of consciousness Ted knew this, which is why he also tried to incorporate good values, positive energy, and a certain spirituality into all his teaching.
He was also aware of the obverse of this quote, how detrimental some teachers could be, which saddened him, yet caused him all the more to strive always for that positive influence, sorely lacking in today's society. We are all blessed for Ted having touched our lives and as a result he continues to touch others lives. He loved the movie "Pay It Forward" and every chance he got, he would do just that.

Barbara Franklin

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I've no doubt that Ted would have loved "Pay It Forward," since that pretty much embodied who and what he was.  The extent to which he shared that belief is very much in evidence here, where you are all so wonderfully willing to share that with which he gifted you.  I just wanted all to know how much it means to people like me.  I am studying with a man right now who knew Ted, and sent him a demo tape of his playing.  To this day, he is so proud of the words that Ted wrote back - so proud in fact, he displays them on his website:

"...We do have similar styles except your right hand is more developed than mine & I get a different tone ..."


Steven smiles when he shares that and says, "You know, he didn't have to say that. Who is better developed than Ted Greene?"  He just loved his gracious spirit.  I'm doing my best to steer guitarists this way, in hopes that Ted's legacy will keep on paying it forward.  Thank you Barbara and all.




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